Sunday, October 26, 2008

Spontaneous Marathon COMPLETED!!

26 Oct, Chuncheon Marathon South Korea--

Well for such a last minute idea to run a marathon the weekend turned out to be great. First off the pre race meal was awesome. Seafood Spaghetti at an Italian restaurant in South Korea it turned out to be awesome. Followed by that we had some German sausage and a German Beer (good carb loading ;) ). Then to wake up to beautiful weather made the race morning that much better; 65 w/ a slight wind and clear skies. The race started in a Stadium that was jam packed with runners; not sure on the exact number but my estimate is somewhere around 10,000. The race course ran along a beautiful lake and along the countryside. It was fairly flat with a hill off of the start and a few minor hills throughout the course. I have put the race course below. This was by far one of the toughest challenges to date; well it was quite easy till mile 21 when you hit this wall that stays there until the end. The first 21 miles flew by like nothing then the last 5.2 were the longest 5.2 miles of my life. So for my first marathon the race was amazing, coming into the stadium I will have to admit I almost broke down and started crying then somehow I pulled it together and just finished the race. Thank you to everyone that has been following the blog and wishing me luck throughout this past crazy 7 weeks. I will add some more pictures from the race once I get them.

Race Results:
13.1 Split- 1:40.13
Finish Time- 3:25.00
Finishing Place- 12/290 in Age Group 20-30

Upcoming Events-
2Nov- Incheon Int Triathlon
9Nov- Half Marathon in Seoul
14Nov- Tobacco Awareness 5K
22-Nov- Osan Duathlon
19Apr09- IronMan China 70.3

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