Sunday, October 19, 2008

Spontaneous 1/2 Marathon.......

Pyeongtaek Port Half Marathon---13.1 Miles/21K

Well I got a little crazy this weekend and a last minute race came up on Tuesday. The original plan was to run a 5K due to someone dropping out; then I thought why bus 45 mins 1 way to run for 18 minutes? So I found another person that had dropped out of the 1/2 and got there race number and decided to run a half marathon today. So that is what happened and a very pleasant and beautiful 1/2 marathon it turned into. I ran with a buddy for 16K of it at a very nice pace right around a 1h40m finish time (the koreans have these guys that run with ballons that pace you just so you know where your at). Well at 16K he told me to go ahead and go so I went with 5K left i pushed hard and came in at 1 hour 36 minutes 45 seconds. So overall a good first half marathon.

Alright so if you thought that spontaneous half marathon was crazy well hold on for this one...............I got conned into doing a full marathon next weekend. Yeah and today was the farthest I have ever ran before today it was a whopping 10K. So next weeekend will be the real test of how much my body can handle with out training for the actual race. I mean training for a Triathlon is one thing but the run is only 1/3 of the race; having to run 26.2 miles is a totally different thing. So stay tuned for the blog about the Marathon.

Upcoming Races:
24Oct- Domestic Violence 5K Osan AB
26Oct- Chucheon Full Marathon South Korea
2Nov- Incehon International Triathlon South Korea (Olympic Distance)
19Apr09- IronMan China 70.3

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Dad and Brenda said...

Awesome! We are so proud of you and love checking your updates and seeing the photos. Thanks for setting this up! We love you & Miss you.