Monday, October 13, 2008

Camp Humphreys Sprint Tri

13 Oct 2008- 400M Swim, 20K Bike, 5K Run
Well lets just say this day started out way to crazy......I managed to set the alarm to PM instead of AM so instead of a 0600 wake up i ened up waking up at 625 and had to be at the bus at 640, which ended up not being there. So we had to take a cab to the Army base which cost about $20. Well i had the bright idea to use my GPS so that we could ride back after the race. Sounded good until I left it in the cab and off he went with my GPS still sitting in the cab. So there was the worst part of the day. So from not having a bus to ride to having to take a cab then losing the GPS I figured the day couldnt get much worse. Well it was all uphill from there. This is now the Triathlon number 3 in 4 weeks so I didnt know how it was going to go but luckily there was only 25 people there and the guy that normally beats me wasn't there. So I stood a chance at actually taking a overall 1st place finish. Since I didnt have my GPS I dont know my exact splits but someone timed my swim and it was decent, right around 6:45. I did extremely well on the bike as usual and came in to T2 (2nd Transition, which is from the bike to run) at 43 Minutes. I didnt know how many people were in front of me but as I was getting off the bike a runner was just leaving. So I knew I had some catching up to do. I probably ran the best I have run and at 1.5 miles I saw the police escort about 1/2 mile ahead. I had already passed the guy that was ahead of me in Transition and noticed the person in the lead was from the Team category. So I realized I had the lead for individuals but wasn't satisfied with that. I pushed hard and wanted to chase down the team runner. So with about 1/3 of a mile to go I passed the team runner and never looked back from there. The guy in 2nd came in about 1:30 behind me so I felt really strong with my run. I finished the race at 1:02:26 and took 1st place overall. Below is a pic from the awards ceremony thanks to Jeff Swindle.

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