Thursday, October 23, 2008

Domestic Violence 5K

Oct 24, Osan AB ROK--

Well it was a nice cool morning and a great day for a run. Around 250 people showed up to run the 5K and I was not feeling it this morning after my long run last night. Probably not the wisest choice I have ever made to run 18.3 miles and then 11 hours later wake up and run a 5K, but as the saying goes I guess im young and dumb. The intent behind the 18.3 mile run was to make sure I was somewhat ready for the marathon this Sunday and I believe I should do alright considering the minimal training I have done for it. So after about the first mile I actually felt pretty good and myself and another guy were out front just cruising along. It stayed that way all the way till about 1/2 mile left. Another guy came up and decided to speed it up a little bit so I hung with him and then with about 1/4 mile left another guy came up and just started kicking hard. So myself being like I already said "young and dumb" kicked hard as well and pushed hard till the line well according to the guy that took 2nd "I was going easy thats why I beat him". So we will leave it at that I guess running 18.3 miles and then getting up to run a 19:06 5K was going easy......................

5K- 19:06
1st/250ish runners

Upcoming Races:
Chuncheon Marathon Sunday Oct 26th
Nov 2nd Incheon Int Tri
Nov 9th Half Marathon in Seoul
Nov 22nd Osan Duathlon

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