Sunday, November 2, 2008

Incheon International Triathlon

2Nov Incheon South Korea--

Well myself and a buddy somewhat planned on racing this weekend, but our knowledge of Korea and transportation did not work in our favor. So we took a bus ride 2 1/2 hours to the Airport and then road 10 miles with all of our race stuff on back. We made it there just before dusk with no hotel room and were definitely in a place where very little English was spoken. So we registered and had our bike inspections and headed off to find a hotel. Well to our luck all the hotels were booked minus this "love hotel" and they only had rooms with 1 bed or we could get a traditional room which just has a floor and a bunch of comforters so we opted for that. Turned out to work out pretty good minus the mosquito's flying around the room while I slept and decided that buzzing around my ear was the best spot in the room. So I had a very horrible night of sleep. Alright now onto the race..........
Well this was one of the toughest swims that I have accomplished so far. The water was 60 degree's and rough. Once my body adjusted to the water temp it turned out alright. I ended up swimming at 27 minutes so I think the swim course was a little short but I was pleased with it. Now onto the Bike......There was 35 pros/elites from all over the world there and they had a 25 minute head start on us so that we weren't in their way for the swim. Well on their 2nd lap of the bike they went flying by me and well I stayed with them for about 1 mile and I think I might of got some air time on the Korean sports channel "X-Sports". So we will see if I get a copy of the video and see if I snuck in there. I road the 25 mile 4 lap course in 1:12 minutes. One of my slower bike splits but it was really windy so that may have had some affect on it. The run was a hilly 4 lap course that ended with a 200m finish on the beach. It was a tough run course and I ran it in a little under 45 minutes. I ended up with a total time of 2:25:14 which is a new personal record for my Olympic Distance races. That 2:25:14 put me at the top of my age group. I am not sure exactly how many people were in our Age Group but 10 were registered and I think only 7 or 8 showed up for the race. I will update the Results once the official results are out. Below are some pictures from todays race.

Race Results:
1st Place Age Group
Time: 2:25:14
Overall Finish TBD

Upcoming Events:
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14Nov Tobacco Awareness 5K
22Nov Osan Du the Do#2
19Apr09- 70.3 Ironman China
1-3May- Wildflower Olympic Distance California

Up on the Podium w/ my Competitors
Myself and Jan Rehula (2000 Olympic Bronze in Triathlon)

Receiving the Gold Medal

Pre-Race Picture

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