Saturday, November 29, 2008

Turkey Trot

26Nov08 Osan AB ROK--

Well another nice and cold morning on the lovely ROK(Republic of Korea). A good group of 150 runners came out and someone dressed up as the Turkey. I was quite disappointed I couldn't wear the suit but it is alright there is always next year, and I can be a Turkey in Turkey.........So I have come to realize that there is always someone faster or better than you everywhere you go. That is what drives me to be so competitive and want to do so well. For example I know I am not a fast runner but am a decent runner but for some reason the people that are faster than me just are not showing up to these 5K's. So for the past five 5K's I have won them by at least 15 seconds and have not been challeneged. I was pushed pretty hard on the last one but once again this time I lead from start to finish and was a whole minute slower than last week. So this is where I have come to realize I have not reached my full potential of my fastest 5K time due to the fact I have not been pushed to the breaking point yet. I came in 1st with a time of 19:40 which as any runner knows that is not fast. So my goal for the next one is to run as fast as I can no matter if there is someone in front of me or not just to see where I stand.

150 Participants
1st Place Overall

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