Sunday, December 7, 2008

2008 Race Statistics/Final Results

7Dec08 Osan AB Korea-

Well it is official my inaugural season into multi sport racing has come to an end. The final 5K of the year was canceled due to it being 12 degree's out. So that was disappointing but I have been on 2 weeks of complete rest in preparation to start training for China 70.3. With the season at an end I would like to thank a few people for making this season possible and for myself to become interested into the sport. First off thanks to Col Becker for putting together Cold Steel Triathlon on base which was the only reason I got involved in the sport and has become something I have come to love. To Mark and Dave for pushing me on the bike from Day 1 when I was riding a Korean P.O.S and kept taking me out on 30+ mile rides and never left my newbie ass somewhere in Korea. To Des for being my Logistics coordinator and good friend throughout this season; without you Des I would have not raced a spontaneous Marathon this year, thanks for the weeks of pain I endured afterwards!! To Tim, OC, and Jeff for being there to push me through some of the morning "hangover" rides and keep pushing me to get faster. To Hahm "The Bike Doc" for helping me throughout the year with all of my bike problems. To everyone else that I have competed against this year and have trained with for making myself a stronger Triathlete. And then to anyone that has taken time out of their day to follow my racing by checking out this blog. Below I have posted the final results from the season along with some stat's.
2008 Race Statistics 14Jun-26Nov
16 Races Entered
6 Overall 1st Place Wins
1 Age Group Win
8 Top 5’s

Races Entered Breakdown
6 5K’s
1 10K
1 Sprint Duathlon
3 Sprint Triathlons
3 Olympic Distance Triathlons
1 Half Marathon
1 Full Marathon

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