Tuesday, November 24, 2009

2009 is Over :( :(

24Nov09- Incirlik AB Turkey-

Well my season has officially come to an end :( I have ran a few miles since getting back from Florida but I wouldn't really call it running. It has just been for PT(Physical Training) for the class I am in right now. So it has been really low key and not asking to much of my body. Well where do I start...........It has been a heck of a year.......

It was only my second year into Tri/Running and it well with everything in life there is HIGHS and LOWS. This season I had all of that and some, but learned a lot more from the lows than the highs. To recap some of the highs: Qualified for IM 70.3 World Championships in China, Won a few local Tri's on military bases, Won some huge awards in the military and then to the lows........2nd degree burns from IM 70.3 China and a broken right radial in IM 70.3 Germany. The sun burn taught me that sunscreen is very important and well the broken bone taught me that riding on a flat 8 mile loop will not prepare anyone for descending down hills and through corners!

This year I tried to train and race a lot smarter than last year and I think I achieved that. I did however run a marathon on very little training, which I had done last year. That was the one DUMB thing that I did repeat and do again, but I think I have learned my lesson about that. Recovery is 100% harder when you have not properly trained for a race and the body takes a real beating.

Once again this season would not have been possible without some key people: My Family has been great and has supported me 110% this year which has been great, then comes all the friends: Mark, well this year would have not been as great if you would not have shown up to Korea and pushed me through the last couple cold months. Funny thing is out of the whole year Feb/Mar were my biggest training months. Des- Well once again having you as a logistics guy for my last couple months in Korea was awesome! Best of luck in your first IM, go get em in IM Western Australia!! OC- WILDFLOWER WILDFLOWER WILDFLOWER, need I say more. We made the first BBBC reunion a success because we had a reunion, so hopefully this year it grows and it continues to get bigger. All my fellow competitors and fellow triathletes that I have met this year, THANKS for pushing me at all the races around the globe. The best thing about Triathlon is the great athletes and people in the sport, they are the ones that make it awesome!

THANKS AGAIN to everyone that has helped me through this season and HAPPY T-DAY/MERRY X-MAS/HAPPY NEW YEAR to ALL!!

Well 2009 comes to a close and below are two pics off my race results and statistics from the season. I have also put some pics below to recap the HIGHS and the LOWS of the season..........
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The Good!
More Good!
The Bad!!
The Ugly!

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