Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day 3 in FL........

12 Nov- Clearwater Beach FL-

Well today was another disappointing day in Florida in terms of weather. Woke up to head out for an early 830 swim and once again the surf was bad and we decided to not swim. So I just walked around Ironman Village and did a little shopping. I got a new bike jersey and a visor along with a bag since the race bag we got with our race stuff was not that great. After doing some shopping I went and checked in and they took down my weight. I will be racing at a whole 170lbs which is 5lbs heavier than China and 10lbs heavier than Germany. So I am thinking that it will equate to more power on the bike but that is a long shot ;) Looking for excuses on why I put on 10 pounds, but it will all work out.

After check in we headed over and had brunch on the beach and I enjoyed some mahi-mahi. After brunch I enjoyed a short nap and then headed out for a 20 mile ride. It was extremely windy but was good to get out on the bike and have the legs moving. Once back from the ride I headed to the Carb Loading Dinner with Petra and Gary. We decided to ride our bikes since it was about 2 miles away. On the way over we got to see the sunset and it was really cool minus the fact of all the clouds. The awards dinner was down on the beach and it was really nice but once again the weather put a damper on the night. It was really windy and cold. However they did mention me in the race introduction. They only talked about a few people and since I am military they had a special Thank You to all the military members. They announced athletes from each branch of service and the Air Force has 4 or 5 members here. It was really cool to here my name announced and the people I was sitting with all clapped and thanked me for my service. Really cool experience and enjoyed it very much. Well it is late and this is the most important night for sleep so I better get to bed since I have an early attempt at a swim tomorrow, weather pending.

The three of us all dressed up and riding our "race" bikes to the dinner.

The awesome sunset. Where the palm trees are is where the dinner was and where the awards banquet will be.

Hanging out at the dinner.

The bike, myself and Petra walking to the dinner on the beach.

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