Friday, November 13, 2009

Day 4 in FL....

13 Nov 09- Clearwater Beach FL-

Well today was the day of nice short workouts and a lot of logistics. Having to get everything ready to turn in is always a chore. I think next time I race a 70.3 I am going to make a checklist of what goes in the bags so I make sure I don't forget anything. It is pretty simple but still it would be nice to have my own checklist. So in the bike bag goes my helmet and race belt with number on it, pretty simple. The run bag is a little more complicated, having my shoes, socks, watch band, visor and sunglasses. Now what is in the bike bag ends up going in the run bag when I return from the bike. Now you ask about a swim bag? Well there is no swim bag technically. There is a bag that you turn in right before you head out to swim that has all of your morning clothes in it. Then your wetsuit and goggles and cap end up in your bike bag one you put on your helmet and race number.

So after the bags were ready I headed out to turn in everything at the transition area. We also went over and checked out the new swim course. They moved it from the ocean to the harbor due to hurricane Ida bringing some bad surf in. They moved it over for safety and it will make things a little more interesting, swimmers will go off a dock every 2-3 seconds. Hopefully it will spread things out a little more and the bike course will not be so congested.

I also went out for a swim in the morning and a run later on in the day. Breakfast was over at IHOP and was once again great. Tonight I had dinner with an old Air Force buddy and his family right next to our hotel at Shepards, and best yet it was buffet. Now I am just relaxing and finishing up the blog so I can try and get some sleep. They always say race night is the hardest night to sleep but I think I am pretty tired so I shouldn't have a problem. Everything is already to go for tomorrow so I will be getting up around 450am and having a bowl of oatmeal and some bagels. I will have the race day cup of coffee and hope that morning business gets taken care of, that would make 3 for 3 this year, so fingers crossed for that.

Now onto the important stuff. Since this is the World Championships coverage should be great online. Possibly even a live feed all day, so stay tuned to WWW.IRONMANLIVE.COM. The keyword to look for would be "Athlete Tracker" or "Live Feed". My race # is 1554 and age group 18-24.

So now onto the goals:

1. Finish
2. Finish under 5 hours
3. Bike Sub 2:30
4. Run Sub 1:35
5. Finish under 4:45
6. Most importantly have fun and inspire a spectator to race in the future............

This is the World Championships, the best of the best are out here for this race so it will give me an opportunity to see where I stand in only my second year in the sport and set a bar for where I am.

THANK YOU to everyone who has continued to support me this season and who continues to follow the blog.

Below are some pictures from today.

The new swim course.

The new swim start area.

Karen my "valet bike parker" and myself after we setup my transition area.

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