Thursday, August 13, 2009

Germany Day 1=Amazing...but WET!!

13Aug 2009-

Well the plan for today was to get up after a good nights sleep and go out for a run down to the local cafe in the next village over. So I slept great and woke up around 830 and was out the door for a 4 1/2 mile run and then stopped at the cafe for breakfast on the way back. Well breakfast was great: 2 eggs, 2 salami and cheese sandwiches on rolls, 1 croissant with raspberry and pudding and 2 waters and OJ. Walked to Shauna's house from there which was about 1 mile up the road, YES it is uphill the whole way.

So with the travel day yesterday I figured it would be good to get caught up on rest so I took a nap after my mid morning meal. Then of course the one thing I absolutely hate about having to travel via airplane is packing/unpacking and assembling the bike. So that was next on the days agenda. Only took about an hour and everything was good to go. Went out for a test ride of 4 miles and it worked like a champ.

So after all that I went out for my real ride. Got everything together that I would need because it was more than just a ride. It was what was going to get me to base which was where I would meet up with "SUPER DAVE" whom I was stationed with in Korea. We had planned to meet up on Friday morning for breakfast but his flight out was earlier than expected so we met up tonight for dinner. Well in my jersey pockets I stuffed my camera, a change holder w/ Euro in it, a pair of sandals, and a change of clothes (shorts and long sleeve shirt). So off for the ride I went.....The plan was to ride 11 miles in the opposite direction from the house and then back to the house and then the 8 miles to base for 30 miles. Well mother nature quickly change my plans. I get 2 miles out from the house and it starts to rain on me, so I look back and it looks lighter the other way so I turn around. Well it just continued to rain the whole time for my 30 mile ride. So it should of been miserable right?? NO it was absolutely amazing I could not complain one bit. I am in Germany riding through absolutely beautiful scenery and its pouring rain. I never ride the P3 in the rain but it is so awesome here I couldn't come back. And if I came back how would I meet up with Dave for dinner??

So 30 miles later I was soaked from head to toe but had an amazing ride and felt really good. So I met up with Dave on the base and we headed out for dinner after I had my shorts and shirt dried and got out of my soaking wet bike clothes.

Dinner was amazing just like the ride. Had great raviolis, great salad, a nice glass of wine, a "sampler" dessert w/ 3 items and a shot to wash all of dinner down that was suppose to help "digest" your food.

So official Day 1 is complete and was truly amazing. Germany is an awesome place from what little bit I have seen so far. Below are some pictures from the day..........

The "mansion" that I am staying at. 6 bedrooms and 4 baths. I have a 1/2 bathroom and full bathroom just for me :) THANKS SHAUNA!!!
The Church down a few villages
After the 3o mile ride coming onto base

Dave and myself.....He brought a towel so I could dry off before getting in the car. I was soaked from head to toe and the bike was a disaster!!
Leshia, Dave and myself at Dinner. BBBC "old school" members always find a way to meet back up.
The sampler "dessert" platter..........AMAZING!!!


Dad and Brenda said...

Germany looks like an amazing place. I'm so happy you have this opportunity. Sounds like the villa where you are staying in fabulous. We are anxious to watch the live coverage. Love you hon. Can't wait for more pictures!!
Dad & Brenda

Leslie said...

It must be great to travel. Germany seems amazing! and the desserts mmm lol