Tuesday, August 11, 2009

All Packed and Ready to Fly in T-12hrs

Well with this race popping up last minute it has been a hectic last couple of weeks. Trying to get the paperwork signed so that I did not get charged leave and could go race on the AF time was a hassle but well worth it. Had a good solid 4 weeks of training and the legs are feeling fresh from the little bit of taper that I have been doing.

So today we had a Change of Command ceremony for our base commander. So with not only having to worry about getting everything ready and packed I also had to be into work this morning at 645 to be out in the hangar for the ceremony. So the ceremony started at 8 and lasted an hour and it was pretty warm being in full service dress. Below is a picture of me in my full service dress.

The tie looks off center but I think the coat was just off ;)

So after the ceremony I came home and went for a short swim and then since I was up so early I felt the need for an afternoon nap. Post nap went out for a short run and then continued packing. Once everything was packed I have been fighting with my computer for the past 2 hours and lone and behold I think my MagicJack has took a crap. The weird thing was it was making the computer not start up or shutdown so I think I will just go buy a new one.

Alright so now on to the pre race portion of this.

Pre Race Notes:

Weight- 160
Wetsuit- Zoot Zenith Full Suit
Race Bike- Cervelo P3C
Wheels- Easton EA90 Aero
Shoes- Asics Gel Cumulus 9
Nutrition Plan: 5 Servings of Hammer Gel, 8 Hammer Endurolyte Capsules, 5 Servings of HEED

Top 5 Age Group
Go Sub 5 Hours
Top 100 Overall (Suppose to be 3,000 people)

Goal Splits:
30-32min Swim-Hoping to improve on the rough swim in China
2:33-2:43 Bike- 4,500ft of Climbing is going to be tough but the bike is my strong point
1:35-1:45 Run- As long as we don't see heat like China I think I have my legs ready to run. Might even go sub 1:35 depending on how the hills kill my legs.

Once again I have set high expectations but I am prepared for this race and feel like if everything goes smooth I will come out with the results I am looking for. The main reason for this race is to prepare for Clearwater in November, although the courses are not similar in altitude and elevation gain just having another 70.3 under my belt is what I am looking for. And why not take advantage of the opportunity to travel to Germany and race on "work" time :) So everything is packed and I have about 5 hours till wake up so off to bed I go......I know 5 hours is not much but I will get the extra sleep on the plane ride :) Here are some pictures all packed up and ready to go.

Everything all ready to go!!

The beanie baby was a "present" from Maddy and I was told to take it with me whenever I travel and take pictures with it. I have been bad about this here in Turkey so figured its first travel should be out of country.

Also the race should be able to be tracked online starting at 1135PM West Coast Time Saturday Night, or 0835 Germany time Sunday morning. Below are the links that should be tracking the race. My bib # is 1313.

(should be looking for a link that says Athlete Tracker Germany 70.3)
www.ironman703.de (should have a link to the live tracking not positive though)

It should at a minimum update the swim time, bike time and run time as well as have a finishing time and place. Hopefully it will have a half way bike split and it might have run splits every 5K. To know how the day is going if you are tracking it live just compare my times to my goal times and that will give you a good idea of how the days is going.

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