Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bag Check/BIke Turn In/Grub on some food


Well everything is prepared and ready to go for tomorrow. It was a good short day but started to drag out towards the end. Everything got accomplished and I am feeling good. Got a short run in and short swim. The bike was ridden but just from the hotel to bus and from the bus to Transition Area. Not to much to write about except for our dinner excursion that went on for about an hour and a half of driving around in circles. Well Shauna has a Garmin GPS for her car and the thing works great for getting from point A to point B. When it comes to finding an italian place to eat dinner at now thats a different story. It took us to one that was just way over priced and then we went to 3 other ones that were either not open or did not exist in that location. So we ended up doing exactly what she said we should have done from the beginning and just have eaten at the restaurant downstairs of our hotel which had italian food. I guess I should have just listened to her in the first place. So we ended up eating there and I made sure to eat a good meal and hoping it will provide for a great race tomorrow. Well I am going to post a few photos and a
video of Lucy from dinner tonight. She was telling me about what was going on tomorrow.


Looks like will have a live feed running during the race. Not sure exactly where the footage will be from but I will be wearing a black/white w/ red trim tri suit. My bib # is 1313 and I will be wearing a white visor w/ orange on it for the run. My bike helmet has a USA sticker and Cali sticker on it. So check out the live feed and see if you can see me. Also should have the tracking service up and running so you can see how my splits are going throughout the race. See blogs below about other information in regards to tracking.

The park that I ran through this morning. Also happens to be the race course. It is nicely shaded as well as only has one hill, which I accidently ran up this morning.
The outside shot of the race briefing/awards ceremony building.

The stage for the Race Briefing and Awards Ceremony

The beginning of the race briefing

You finish the swim under all of the flags for the countries repersented

The swim course is in a harbor

My next bike that I will get hopefully early next year. 2008 Pinarello Prince

Lucy tellin me what I am going to do tomorrow. She is 3 years old and missing Church to come root me on :)

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