Friday, August 14, 2009

Day 2...Pasta Party/FREE BEER!! and Race Registration

14 Aug 09-

Well today was a pretty busy day for 2 days prior to the Tri. Woke up at 0700 and got out of bed and made some breakfast. Which included bagel and cream cheese, Yogurt with blueberry, banana, some OJ and 2 homemade muffins from Shauna. After that I loaded up my bike and off we went to the base. It is about 8 miles from her house through a couple villages. So I went to the pool swam a nice and easy 1K and the headed back out towards her house. I guess someone was looking out for me and really wanted me to take it easy because I forgot my bike shoes and road the bike all the way back with flip flops on. With several steep climbs along the way I just put it in the small chain ring and spun right up them. I took some nice pictures along the way as well.

That is what I just came up, you can't see the road so it must be steep right??
The glasses fogged up from all the heat my body was putting off after that climb so I had to take them off.

A motorcycle coming up the hill which I was about to go down.

Riding through the local village.
A cool looking house or mansion not sure which one it is. All the houses are so huge here.

After viewing all the awesome scenery and snapping some photos I figured it was time for some brunch. So I stopped at the same cafe as yesterday and ordered the "Brad Special": 2 eggs over easy, 2 salami and cheese sandwiches, 1 raspberry and pudding croissant, and a roll. Here are some pics of breakfast and the cafe.

Myself and Moni at her Cafe.

Moni's Cafe Bistro and the P3

So then finally I arrived to the village where I am staying:

So after all of that I needed to clean the bike from the dirty and wet ride yesterday. Once all of that was done it was once again time for that much needed nap. So I slept for about and hour and then packed everything up to get ready for our afternoon departure. So bags were packed and off we were for my first autobahn experience. I wan't to impressed as we did not get passed by anything doing over 110mph so it was pretty un-eventful.

Once arriving to the race area we attended the Pasta Party and had a great dinner. Here is where the FREE BEER comes into play. So many of you may know I have not had any alcohol for the past 5 weeks in prep for this race, well minus the glass of wine and shot for your digestive system last night. So I figured I am on vacation and it was the Pasta/Carb Party and beer has lots of Carbs, so why not load up?? So I got 2 beers along with 3 plates of pasta 2 waters and some peach tea. This is why I love Pasta Parties, it is all you can eat and supposedly drink at this one. Well after the first beer I start thinking to myself I should at least be feeling a little buzz since I have not drank in so long and this is German beer and all. So I start looking at the label and in German it said Alcohol Free according to the translation I received. :( :( So it was alcohol free beer hence the fact they were handing it out for FREE!! Big disappointment but I looked at the nutritional backing on the "beer" and it had a lot of Carbs so at least I accomplished that.

So after dinner I came back to the hotel and got everything ready for tomorrow since I have to turn in the Bike and Bike/Run bag. They do this the day before so there is not so much going on race morning and it is kind of a logistical night mare for the organizers if they have 3,000 people turning in a total of 9,000 bags on race morning so they cut it down to 6,000 on Saturday and 3,000 on Sunday with only your stuff for post race being in your Sunday bag. I have attached some pictures off what my room looks like 2 nights out from race day getting everything ready for pre-race day.
The 3 bags and all the gear that goes inside.

All the nutritional supplies for race day. The Zym's were just in case a hot front came in but looks like I will just be sticking to all HAMMER!!!

The P3 already for race day, just needs the bottles race morning. New addition to the seat post and helmet are the US/Cali Stickers. Have to represent when in other countries!!

The room with everything everywhere. My parents might disagree that this is just during race time as my room gets like this when I am home on leave, but I have so "much" going on I just dont have time to clean it ;)

So with the blog being updated now it is time I head off to bed. Going to get up tomorrow for complementary breakfast at the hotel and then a short run down the road to the race briefing......Hope everyone is enjoying these updates.

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