Tuesday, August 13, 2013

USAT AG Olympic Distance Nationals

10 Aug-

USAT Age Group Olympic Distance Nationals was the start of a 19 day "vacation" for me.  That is if you consider driving over 3,300 miles and training and racing for 19 days vacation.  I will cover each portion of the trip in a separate blog.  So this blog will just be about the race.

Swim (1.5K)-22:28

The swim was from a dock, but was an in water start.  We had a big age group with 151 finishers.  I thought it would make for a pretty congested swim but it wasn't actually all that bad.  After the first buoy, about 300m in the swim calmed down and I got into a rhythm.  I thought I was having a pretty decent swim, but upon exiting the water and running into transition, Aaron (who traveled to Milwaukee with me, more on that in Part I of my "Vacation" blog series) told me I was in 49th.  So, I guess it wasn't all that great of a swim.......

T1- 1:53

Bike (40K)- 55:53

Once out on the bike I just put my head down and rode hard.  I knew I could make up some ground on the bike, but wasn't sure how far I could ride through the field.  The bike course was a little crowded, and I saw a few blatant drafters out there, but for the most part I thought it was a pretty clean race.  I knew I had a good ride as I approached T2 around 56 minutes on my Garmin, but the official time was 55:53.


Run (10K)- 39:21

I came off the bike in around 6th place and was running good.  I put in 2 solid miles and at a small out and back section knew some guys were hot on my tail.  Around mile 2 my upper stomach started acting up and it felt like a In N Out Double Cheeseburger Animal Style was sitting there.  I started to slow, felt like crap and at mile 4 at the furthest turn around I stopped and started puking.  I started to run again but had to stop and puke.  Then after one last puke session I started running.  I ended up running 5:54 for the 6th mile, and finished the last .2 at 5:29 pace.  I almost think I should have stopped at mile 2 and puked and then kept trucking on.  Looking back on it, that is what I should have done, but I guess you learn and you live.

Swim (1.5K)- 22:28 / 47th out of 151 in AG / (http://www.strava.com/activities/73847780)

Bike (40K)- 55:53 / 3rd out of 151 in AG / 4th Overall Bike Split (http://www.strava.com/activities/73851010)

Run (10K)- 39:21 / 45th out of 151 in AG / (http://www.strava.com/activities/73847792 )

Total- 2:00:36 / 15th out of 151 in AG / 55th out of 2,371 Overall
Results: http://m.racetecresults.com/MyResult.aspx?R=379&EId=1&AId=39009

Overall I was happy with how the race went considering the circumstances.  It is the first time that I have got sick during a race or felt miserable on the run.  I learned that it is better to just throw up and keep going rather than trying to run in discomfort.  I am not sure exactly what caused the problem but it was one of two things, the lake water or the race course nutrition.

This race was not an A race so I am not disappointed or upset with the outcome.  This was just a part of the "vacation" which is focused on prepping for 70.3 Worlds in Vegas on September 8th.  I am now out in Tennessee training with my coach and his girlfriend, more to come on that next week in a blog.

Thanks to everyone for all of the support and for all of my sponsors/supporters for the continued help and support.

 The only way to enter the water pre race is having a little fun.  If you aren't having fun then why even do all of this crazy training and racing ;)

 Coming out of the water and into T1 and hearing Aaron tell me I was in 49th......Uhhhhh
 Coming into T2

Hanging out with Ryan post race.  He will also be down in Vegas racing in a few weeks!

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