Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Summer Road Trip Part 2- Training Camp

19 August-

I showed up to Mountain City, Tennessee late on Sunday night.  This is where teamTBB is looking to set up there USA based Camp.  My coach (Scott DeFilippis) and his girlfriend Carrie Lester were the only athletes there the week I was there and they had already been there for a few months.  I knew the next week was going to be good when I walked in and Carrie was on the treadmill for her third run of the day at 9pm!

I was really excited to get in some solid training throughout the week and luckily was able to train beside the both of them throughout the week.   We did 90% of the workouts together with Scott running circles around us on the track and Carrie swimming circles around us in the pool.  We rode almost all of the rides together and put in a lot of climbing.  It worked out quite well being able to get different workouts in with each of them.

As for how the day to day lifestyle was, well it was quite amazing.  I have put in some big weeks before at Cycling Camp, but we had a lot of "other" stuff going on there.  This was going to be a great time to just focus on training and then recovering.  I had nothing to worry about but just to focus on each workout and put in my best effort.

A typical day at camp consisted of a 730-8am wakeup and then out the door no later than 10am.  We would get a morning session in and then come back for a quick snack.  The one downside was having to drive 30 minutes to the pool each day, however on some days it provided for a quick nap.  After our swim we would grab groceries in town for dinner and then either come back for one last session or start dinner.  We would try to get to bed by 10pm, but there were a few nights where I stayed up later.  Looking back this is the one area where I did not focus, and that was getting 9-10 hours of sleep, where I was getting 8 hours of sleep.  By day 4 it had caught up with me and I passed out hard on the drive to the pool, see picture below.

Overall I was really pleased with how the week went.  I got in some amazing training and had a lot of good conversations with Scott and "Babs", yeah I had to give Carrie a nickname by about day 3.  Scott goes around calling her "Babes" (pronounced Baaaaeeeebbbsss), and since she is not my "babe" I decided to call her "Babs".  Ahh good times of camp ;)

The area was actually really good and I was impressed with how good the riding was.  Once a pool gets built at the camp location it is going to be a special place to spend the summers for training camp.  Looking forward to what they have in the works for Red Tail!

I can't thank Scott and Carrie enough for allowing me to train beside them and taking me into their "home" at camp for a week.  It was an awesome experience and took my fitness to a whole new level.  I look forward to carrying this week of training into the next and bring all of the great work into Vegas!
 --Side Note: Carrie and Scott just had amazing races at Challenge Penticton this past weekend (25 August) by winning and taking 2nd.  You can read about it here: http://www.teamtbb.com/race-recaps/item/361-animals-rule-carrie-1st-scottie-2nd

Here are the numbers from camp:

Training Stats:
Swim- 21.1k / 6hrs
Bike- 288 miles / 16.2hrs
Run- 48 miles / 6hrs
Total- 28.2hrs / 1,650 TSS
CTL Start- 109.1
CTL End- 128.5

A few pictures and a video from camp:

 Passed out on the way to the pool.
 At Lees McRae track for a big day of running!
Out on our long ride w/ Carrie leading the way!

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