Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Vineman 70.3- A race for Sean

14 July-

THANK YOU!  I can't think of a better way to start this post.  That is normally how these blogs end, but honestly this blog needs to start with those two words.  The last week has been an emotional roller coaster and I am so fortunate to have amazing family and friends.  This weekend was something special, I couldn't have asked for a better way to honor Sean Coleman.  I was hit with the news on Wednesday night while just getting ready to sit down for dinner.  Sean was taken at the ripe age of 46.  My FB post from Thursday sums up how I felt in a few short words:

"As I am sitting here putting on my US Mil Cycling Kit this morning it is not an easy task. Last night was one of the hardest nights I have ever had. It is not easy finding out an amazing Man, Farther, Husband, Friend, Mentor, Coast Guard Senior Chief, Cyclist, Leader of our Cycling Team was taken from us so early in life. I put on this kit though and I am going to do what Sean would want all of us to do, go out and ride. The last words that he said to me (via FB on Monday) are the same words I am going to leave you with this morning, because they stand true for me today. "Gotta go for a ride now. Haven't ridden for four days" .

Sean Coleman, front right.  RIP Brother!

 (If you don't care about all of the people who have helped me, then just skip this section.  But let me tell you, if you can't reflect and realize that succeeding is not just about you, you may want to read through this.)

That kind of gives you an idea what was going on, but Monday I received some other news, I will not elaborate on it, but lets just say I had a point to prove on Sunday.  Sunday was not about me, it was first off about Sean, and secondly to prove my point.  That point would not have been made if it was not for all of the people that have been behind me and supported me throughout the past 5 years.  I have had many great mentors and friends.  A few names that I have mentioned in the past and a few new names to this list, but I can't thank them enough.  First off, my FAMILY, all of them: Grandparents, Parents, Brother and Sister, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins, they are all amazing.  Then a few people that have been there throughout the years and I consider great mentors.  General Brad Becker, you are the reason behind all of this and I never want you to forget that.  Eric Reid, for being there for my first 70.3 and answering all of my newbie questions and still being around as a great mentor.  Elissa Ballas and Seth Jenny, you guys taught me a lot in a short amount of time and were great training partners.  Kathy Rakel, thank you for taking me under your wing and mentoring me through the whole process of the AF Tri Team.  Scott Defilippis, coach, it has been an amazing 2+ years and I owe you a lot for being an amazing coach and keeping me grounded an on the right track.  Aaron Mundy / Zach Garrett, the most reliable riding buddies I have had.  Many Korean roads have been traveled with you guys, and Zach you took my cycling fitness to a new level from a coaching stand point.  Barrett and Lauren Brandon, thank you guys for taking me under your wing in Ft Worth and being great training partners.  Lastly, probably the most warm welcoming group I have came across in all of my moves in the military, the FW Tri Club.  I was just the new guy in town, and you guys welcomed me in like I had grown up in Ft Worth.

Next up, all of the amazing companies that support me.  Proud to be supported by such amazing companies and products.  Simply amazing at the amount of support I get as an amateur.  So, THANK YOU!
FRS Healthy Energy, Honey Stinger, Kiwami, HED Cycling, Zoot, teamTBB, Fort Worth Cycling, Arundel Bike Products and Team RWB.

Now that all of that is taken care of you have a pretty good idea of why this weekend was important to me and how I was able to get to where I am lets talk about the race.

Swim (1.9K)- 28:46

Well the weakest part of my race, but I would say it is coming along.  I had heard the bad things about this swim course, and yes they were all true.  You could stand up almost anywhere on the course.  Towards the turn around for about 300m you could drag your hands along the bottom.  I switched from dolphin diving, to swimming, to grabbing hand fulls of sand and propelling myself forward in a swimming motion, to normal swimming, to wondering if there was a better technique.  It was frustrating, I thought I was having a horrible swim.  Looking back on it, I came out of the water right about where I expected.  All in all, not a bad "swim" for me, but a very frustrating one none the less.

T1-  2:35

I normally don't talk about transition, but let me tell you, T1 was a complete cluster.  I got to my rack and went to take my wetsuit off.  Left side came off fine, right side, not so much.  I tried standing on it and pulling the leg out, no luck.  I tried to rip it off no luck.  I ended up slipping / falling, but wanted to be on the ground anyways to make things easier and next thing I know I am like a turtle on my back.  All of my family is right there in complete silence looking at me like what the heck is this guy doing.  Then some random lady is standing there cheering me on like I am a rookie, and let me tell you, I looked like a rookie at this very moment. Finally a race volunteer walks by and tears the rest of the wetsuit off for me.

The the cluster of trying to run out of T1 with my shoes in hands, since we were forbidden to have our shoes clipped into the pedals and  threatened with a DQ.  So off I went running out of transition, dropping a shoe, picking up a shoe and then running up the hill.  Once to the top I leaned my bike on the railing and then put my shoes on and off I went.

Bike (90K)- 2:11:08

Talking with my coach prior to the race we had a plan for the bike, ride as hard as I could.  I have never been able to really push my limits on the bike.  I have always rode conservatively trying to have a "good" race.  I had nothing to lose, got a Vegas slot back in October in Austin, so it was on like donkey kong on the bike.  I rode as hard as I could, rarely looking down at my computer.  Rode 99% of the bike on the left hand side constantly passing people.  Around mile 35-38 I caught a guy in my AG.  We "worked" legally together for a few miles and then got to chalk hill.  I had already put in a few surges when we were together but he stayed with me.  On the climb I put in a huge effort hoping to drop him.  I didn't want to come into T2 with someone else from my AG.  I wanted to run out of T2 running my own race and not being influenced by someone else.  I got a gap up the climb and kept that gap into T2.

T2- 2:08

Much better than T1, felt like I actually knew what I was doing and only managed to drop a gel on the way out.

Run (21K)- 1:25:06

Well throwing caution to the wind on the bike was quite all right when on the bike.  The run was going to be the unknown.  My legs felt pretty good coming out of T2 and luckily there were quite a few people ahead of me since I started in wave 12.  I just concentrated on running 6:20 pace, and well with the hills it made it tough.  I felt pretty good and just ensured I was taking in fluids and calories.  I ended up only taking in 1 Honey Stinger Gel, but drank about 4 cups of coke, and a cup or two of water.  At one point of the run there was an out and back section and the guy that I had dropped on the hill.  He was pretty close, but I think at that point it was 2 minutes or so.  I just focused on the last few miles and put one foot in front of the other.  Next thing I know I was coming down the finishing chute and the race was over.

My parents, brother and sister were all there at the finish area which made it nice.  It is always nice to have them at my races, quite frankly I can't understand why they continue to come out to the races, I have spectated a few times and it is brutal, so hats off to them for coming out and to everyone else that spectates races for their family members and friends.

Swim (1.9K)- 28:46 / 101st out of 2,564 OA / 7th out of 98 in AG / (http://app.strava.com/activities/67181408)

Bike (90K)- 2:11:08 / 10th out of 2,564 OA / 1st out of 98 in AG / (http://app.strava.com/activities/67181910)
For the power gurus:  http://www.trainingpeaks.com/av/YH46NQYUX3A34QDWAWZCC5X5RU

Run (21K)- 1:25:06 / 43rd out of 2,564 OA / 3rd out of 98 in AG / (http://app.strava.com/activities/67181417 )

Total- 4:09:43 / 20th out of 2,564 OA (1st Amateur) / 1st out of 98 in AG
Results: http://edge.raceresults360.com/rr360/race/QfveGG/#/person:&entry_id=1259:1374015293318

I think I pretty much summed everything up above.  Still hasn't really set in what happened Saturday, the race had nothing to do with me, I just went out there and did what Sean would have wanted.  I just went out and executed what Scott has trained me to do.  I did what people told me I could do.

 I was down in Austin in April and I had the pleasure to spend some time with Timothy O'Donnell.  We were talking about my plans for the year and how things were going.  I was asking him what it took and when he was able to ride hard for a HIM and IM.  We talked about my power numbers and I told him how I had been under performing on the bike in HIM and IM.  He told me to just go out there and ride hard and see what happens.  Same exact thing Scott told me.  When you have people like that just telling you to see what happens, it really gave me the confidence that I could just go out there and see what happens.  TO told me I would never knew what "could" happen if I never laid it on the line, I think I laid it on the line on Sunday, but I think I was walking a few feet from that line, you will only know where that line is until you step over it.  So the question is, when will I step over that line?

I know the question will get asked, it always does after I have a good race.  NO, I will not be going PRO as of right now.  Here is the blog about it: http://aftriathlonguy.blogspot.com/2013/04/how-i-qualified-for-my-pro-card-why-i.html

Here are some pictures from the race!

 Coming down the long hill and under 101.
 Dinner the night before the race, my family and then the 3 Loos kids.  Thanks Cam for taking the photo.
 Kona Reunion Crew (Cam Loos, Alessandra Battig, and myself)
 Myself, Dad, and Bryan
Getting the bottle of wine.

And lastly, my rant about Pro Prize money.

Still in disbelief on how yesterday played out. Such an amazing day at Vineman Triathlon 70.3. What is even crazier is the amount of support the race has. Compex gave a Sport Elite to the overall amateur, Oomph! Sports gave a pair of tri shorts to the fastest amateur bike split, TYR Sport gave $300 to each AG Winner, and then a bottle of wine to top 3 or 5 depending on the size of your AG. Thanks to all of the volunteers and staff that put on a great race!

The thing that bothers me though is that I came out with about $1300 in "prizes" and the 7th place Pro and back walked away with nothing. This is a problem with our sport, this is something that needs to be changed. Not sure what the fix is, but I sure hope things get better for the professionals in our sport!


Unknown said...

Good post dude! good to hear it went so well, keep it up.

Unknown said...

DUDE! You're a great ambassador of sportsmanship. Proud to know you good sir!

Brad Dodson said...

Thanks for the race report; it gives a great picture for those who weren't there. I had no idea your T1 had such drama;) Great race - I have really enjoyed getting to know you and have you help out with the Daggett kids - keep up the hard racing and go find that line!

Unknown said...

Congratulations on a phenomenal race! And I couldn't agree with you more that the FWTri Club is absolutely awesome!

Eric said...

congrats man really inspiring

Unknown said...

We continue to come to your races because you are our son; we love and support you. Didn't say spectating was easy (you almost beat us down the hill. I was doing 80 on the freeway ). Oh and don't forget IM YOUR BIGGEST FAN! DAD

Umesh said...

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