Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2009 Off to a GREAT Start!!

21Mar09--Camp Humphries Sprint Triathlon--

Well it was an early 5am wake up to make it over to the Hump by 7am. We had Mr. Lee from the Pacific Hotel give us a lift over there and we had someone from base drive the bikes over in a Van. We had 9 people total from Osan head over to compete. We had 1 team and 5 individuals. The swim was only 400M and I felt really strong out of the water, swimming approx. 6:30. It was a very cool morning so I wore a long sleeve jersey and took some time to dry off once I got out of the swim. The bike was a 2 lap course total of 12 miles and had a few small rolling hills on it. I tried out the new aero helmet and it was nice but made me sweat a little more than usual due to not as much venting. I had a really good bike split of 29mins and felt strong once again. Then came the run..........Had a great T2 (T2 is when you go from the bike to the run and is the time that it takes you to Transition) but took some time to get my legs to want to actually run. Kept a high 6min pace for the first 2 miles and then my legs finally started to feel good and dropped it down into the low 6mins. Ended up running a 20:03 for the 3.1 miles and felt pretty good about that with a 6:39 pace. I was shooting for high 18's low 19's but thats not what happened. So I felt really good after the race and had to wait for everyone to finish to find out my exact time......The awards ceremony was very well organized and Osan did very well. Team Osan took 1st place with a time of 1:00:55. A Female from Osan took 2nd in her division and Osan swept the under 35 podium:
Myself at 57:31
Mark at 1:03:17
Jeff at 1:09:08

This was my last race in Korea and it was a good one at that. I was pleased with the turnout that we got for the race and was happy that our Local Korean team showed up as well. It was a great way to go out and was very happy to have a good group of people there. Below are some pictures from race day.

Myself and Mr. Yoo getting ready to race (he is 58 and keeps up with the youngins)

Myself and Shauna (the girl that whips my ass by over a minute in a 400 Free)..We get a lil pumped up and crazy before race start.....

Getting ready to get in.....

Mark in the closest lane, then myself in lane 2, Jeff in Lane 3

Headed out for the 3.1 Mile RunFrom Left, Jeff, Mark, Myself
The New bike with its first win!! I swear Cervelo could make rocket ships!

Pyeongtaek Tri Club with their adopted Americans!!! Some of the greatest hospitality has been provided by this team. Transportation up to Incheon last November, hooked me up with a Jersey that I have promised to sport in every country I go to. So look for it in future pictures at China, Wildflower and Turkey!!

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