Friday, March 27, 2009

Run into Spring 5K.....2009 Keeps on rollin

27Mar09--Osan AB RoK--

Well just seems that 2009 just keeps on rolling with good things. It is nice to see results reflecting the past 3 months of traning and hopefully everything will pay off in China. Well it was a windy day and in the low 40's high 30's w/ Windchill. There was about 200 people that showed up and once again a decent size field for a base 5K. A guy came up from Suwon that is TDY out here and we talked before the run. He was saying it had been awhile since he had raced and was trying to go Sub 17, I was like well looks like ill be fighting for 2nd today........So the race started and some HS kids were there and they took off running like no other. I was like what is going on and where did they come from. I stayed calm and did not try and keep up and sure enough about 1/2 mile into it they were dead. So it was the guy that was TDY and myself out in front. He lead all the way till the turn around then I picked it up to see what he would do; he hung on for the next 1/2 mile so then I let him set the pace again. We were right with each other all the way to the last 300M then I decided to start my kick and got him by about 3-4secs. So it was a great day and I set a new 5K PR by 1:03.

Race Results:

17:33----NEW PR------

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