Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Spinlister Experience

Do you have an extra bike lying around?   Only ride your bike a few times a week?  Looking to make a few extra dollars and help out fellow cyclists?  Well then, I highly suggest that you check out the new Global Bike Share, Spinlister!  I first learned about Spinlister earlier this year at Triathlon Business International in Southern California.  It was something that really intrigued me, as we have close to 10 bikes in our household, and obviously we don't ride all of them everyday.
I stayed in contact with the Spinlister guys and once back home to the UK, I listed all of my bikes.  From my TT race bike to my commuter bike to get to the pool, and all of my wife's bikes, I currently have 7 bikes listed on Spinlister (insert hyperlink) and have made $300 in a short 6 month period.  Now, I would agree $300 is not a lot of money, but it is $300 that I would have otherwise not made if I had not listed my bikes on Spinlister.  I previously wrote about the listing process which you can find here.
The rental process was really easy and hassle-free.  The app comes with a built in messaging service and you have the choice of how you are notified (cell phone and email).  All accounts are verified with a cell phone, Facebook account, or Twitter account.  The individual renting the bike also provides credit card information to Spinlister and is held liable for any damages or theft of the bike.  Spinlister backs that with up to $10,000 in coverage for anything that happens to your bike.
Both of the times that my bikes were rented out it was a great experience and nice to be able to help others out.  One guy was traveling in from Brazil to do "Ride London" and the other renter decided to show his parents Oxford via bike, so rented two commuter bikes.  Both transactions were quick and simple. We actually negotiated drop off and pickup of the Ride London rental. I delivered the bike to London, which made it possible for the guy to have a quality ride on my Cervelo S5 and provided a nice paycheck for me.  The other renter contacted me 1 hour before, and luckily I was home and he was able to rent bikes at a reasonable rate compared to the local companies so that he could show his parents the great town of Oxford.
At the end of the day, what is it going to hurt to take a few minutes and list your bikes?  You could help a fellow cyclist out when they are traveling or looking to help friends out who are visiting in town.  So go take less than 10 minutes and list your bike and hopefully make a few extra $$$'s while helping out fellow cyclist! In addition, if you use my code, BWTRI, while listing your bike, you can get a $20 discount yourself if you end up traveling and renting a bike at any point too!

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