Friday, October 11, 2013

Kona '13 Preview: Is the 3rd Time a Charm?

11 Oct-

Crazy how fast time can go by when you are having fun.  Here I am on my 7th day in Kona and the race start is less than 15 hours away.  I had planned on doing this short recap of the past 10 weeks a little earlier in the week but caught up doing some other things.  So here we are the night before the race and I am just relaxing before our annual potluck dinner and typing up this short blog.

I had done the same thing last year and let you see how my last 10 weeks had been going so thought I would do the same.  If you want to read about last years build up it can be found HERE!

Also, the a local blog in the DFW area posted a short write up about the race and had asked me a few questions about the race.  Thanks Debbie for taking the time to interview me!

Article Link:
Looking at the below charts I am really happy with how things have been.  Although I haven't had as many "total hours" I think I have put in a lot of quality sessions this year and am happy with where I am at going into the race tomorrow.  Coming off of Vineman and then building up to 70.3 Worlds was a huge confidence boost and I am happy with how the season has went thus far.  Tomorrow is the big day to really show how hard I have worked and how much everyones support has helped me progress as an athlete and person.  I look forward to laying it all on the line tomorrow and thanks for all of the support.

My expected goals are:

Swim- 1:02-1:04
Bike- 5:00-5:08
Run- 3:05-3:15
Finish- 9:13-9:33

I would really like to be in the top 10 of my Age Group, like Vegas, but I cannot control who shows up, so we will just see where my best effort puts me :)

Link to pictures from the week:

Now a look into the past 10 weeks of training..........

10 weeks 17 hour average
10 weeks 17.5 hour average

(Click Images to Enlarge)

 Swim 2012
Swim 2013

Bike 2012

Bike 2013

Run 2012

Run 2013
 Total 2012

Total 2013

Pie Chart 2012

Pie Chart 2013

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Dad and Brenda said...

Great job preparing for this event Brad. I know you will meet or exceed your goals. We are rooting for you in California