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A Look Into '12 Training Season Part 2

10 Oct-

For those of you that missed part 1 of this post here is the link:

In this part I will recap the training for the past 11 weeks, obviously this week is not complete but that is a minimal detail.  Coming back to Korea after the month of racing in the states I was a little worn out to say the least.  I think I had raced for 12 straight weeks, sometimes more than 1 race a week.  With only 11 weeks till Kona once I got back we had to get back after it.

I started with Scott the first day back and things started right back off where I left off.  Things were going great for the first couple weeks and I ended up racing a Half IM just 4 weeks back into it.  It was a tough course so my overall time didn't reflect a "great" race, but I had a big overall win in terms of winning overall and margin of victory.  It was a good indicator of where I was, and shed some light on what needed to be worked on.  After the Half IM I got back after it some more and ended up racing a sprint race on the same course that I had raced 4 times previously.  I PR'd by almost 3 minutes, since the last time I had raced that course back in September of 2011.

In my whole 2 years in Kore this tour I was never able to find anyone to run with.  I was lucky enough to have Traci to swim with and then for riding I had a great group of guys over my time there.  For a few months it was Zach and Aaron continually kicking my rear and then I was up in Seoul riding with the team quite a bit.  Couldn't of asked for a better group of guys to ride with.  Then out of the blue, my last 4-6 weeks in Korea I found 2 guys that were willing to run with me.  I would give them a heads up on what kind of runs I had and they would plan around that.  It was great to have guys chasing me around the track and keeping me company along the long runs, so thanks Bill and Brian for being there for that.

With my big move from Korea on the horizon and right before Kona it left some options in terms of what to do during the move.  I consulted with my coach and we came up with a plan to race SuperFrog Half IM in Southern California only 13 days prior to Kona.  It was a gutsy call but as of now I couldn't of asked for a better prep race.  It wasn't only about the physical gains in my opinion but also about the mental gains.  It gave me a huge boost in confidence in myself and where my fitness was at, and just confirmed all of the training I had done.

The past 3 weeks were quite hectic, for those of you that haven't been following here it goes.  I left Korea via a military commercial plan on September 25th via Misawa Japan to Seattle.  Landed in Seattle on the 25th, then flew to Sacramento.  My grand parents picked me up in Sacramento and we drove home to Modesto.  I stayed in town from the night of the 25th through the morning of the 28th.  I then proceeded to drive to San Diego for SuperFrog on the 30th.  After SuperFrog I left around 7pm and started my drive to Fort Worth, Texas.  3 days later I was in Texas on Tuesday evening.  I stayed in Texas until Friday where I boarded the plane to Kona.  So, yeah not the most ideal travel schedule.

Check back on Friday for a Pre Kona Race Report.  I will let you know what has been going on out here in Kona and how I am feeling going into the race.  I will also post all of the links to follow the race as well as what splits I am aiming for.

With all of that here is some more graphs and details on my training over the past 10 weeks, and the last column is this week which hasn't been completely uploaded yet obviously.

Total Hours Trained 10 weeks leading into Kona comparison from this year and last:

10 weeks 175.3 hours = 17.5 hour average
10 weeks 134.7 hours= 13.5 hour average

 (Click image to enlarge) From 7/30/12 - 10/10/12, Total Hours Trained per week
(Click image to enlarge) From 7/30/12 - 10/10/12, Total Meters Swam per week

(Click image to enlarge) From 7/30/12 - 10/10/12, Total Miles Bike per week

  (Click image to enlarge) From 7/30/12 - 10/10/12, Total Miles Ran per week
Pie Chart from 7/30/12 - 10/10/12

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