Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Quick Kona Update

3 Oct 11-

Just some quick photos and notes from Kona, not a full out blog:

-Sunday Swim, ran into a guy I met at the Tri in San Jose.  One of the 2 guys that beat me.  We got in a swim together, and came across about 10-15 DOLPHINS!  Pretty cool!

-Today got out for a long ride and came across Craig Alexandar and got to see the NEW SHIV in person.  Pretty cool bike with some neat concepts. Craig was also a super nice guy and we chatted for a few minutes, wish him the best of luck this weekend!

-Moved into our condo today from the race hotel, absolutely AWESOME!

-Here are some pictures from the last few days
 At the Lagoon in Ko Olina, Oahu getting an open water swim in
 Leaving Oahu, headed to Kona
 Out on the road for my Monday "long" ride
 I guess that is what the locals refer to Triathletes as ;) jk jk....Guess they have Donkeys out there on the Queen K.
Faris chatting it up on Ali'i Drive.

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Chris Corbin said...

Hey I swam in that Lagoon when we PCS'd here. Guess you did more laps than me.