Thursday, October 6, 2011

Quick Kona Update 2

6 Oct 11-

I was going to write a piece on Financial obligation to complete an IRONMAN, and an outlook on my expenses for this season.  I figured since it is not completely over I would wait until post Kona, you never know how much the airline company will charge you, so that could vary the total cost of the season ;)

So instead here are some quick updates from the last 3 days.

There was a kids swim/run, my little sister took part.  This was her first open water swim and the water was a little rough so my step dad stayed with her but she finished the swim on her own.  The parents were saying the swim was worse than most mass starts they had been in, the kids were brutal out there.
Winter, from Team Winter ( with my sis.  Check out her site for more info, she was 2nd Overall, and almost ran down the winner who was a boy.  He ran barefoot so if she didn't put shoes on she could of got him.
 Tony Kannan, Indy Car Driver.  I told him that I raced quartermidgets growing up and knew Bryan Clauson.  Him and his wife are both very impressed with Bryan.  Now we are just trying to talk BC into a Triathlon ;)
Stopped by the World Bicycle Relief talk and contributed $25, contributing another 3 bikes in a few weeks to Jordan Rapps Fundraiser. Keep an eye on Slowtwitch for Jordan's announcement.

So some of you may know that I am out here on PTDY (Permissive Temporary Duty) for the Air Force.  They are not paying for the trip, all expenses are incurred by self.  So with that being said, I try and promote the Air Force and represent the US Armed Services in a good light.  I am still getting paid my normal salary and am not having to work, so it is the least I can do.  I wear shirts that AF logos on them, or a cycling kit with the same, or a visor with the AF logo.  I try and promote our military in a good light and not bring any negative image upon us.

With that being said today was the "UnderPants Run", here is a video which explains it:

So in honor of the Underpants run I got in a little skimpy speedo, went all out on the attire and ensured I had no military affiliation on me.  It would of looked bad if I had a big AF Logo on with the below picture, but in reality, if you know the whole story and what was happening today it would not be all that bad.  We were fundraising money for the Special Olympics and that is of course a good cause.  So as hideous as the outfit is and I did take it to an extreme, it was for a good cause.  Here are two pictures, I know there are more out there and I am sure they will make it around FB, Twitter, Lava Magazine, Slowtwitch etc......But remember this was for a good cause.

From the Underpants run, courtesy of Jay Prasuhn!
Even with a "little" hair I could still pick up on the chicks ;)  My new friend Jana, I actually met her on the flight over from Honolulu.  She is here spectating and is planning to do her first triathlon next year.

Well I think you have "seen" enough of me for today.  Headed to the race brief and pasta dinner tonight.  Going to sit with the potential M35-39 Winner, Cam Loos, of the US Navy.  As much as I would like our AF guy to win, Cam is in top shape and is a former pro.  Rooting for him to do the US proud and win his AG.

Look out for the Pre-Race blog tomorrow, I will also make my race predictions on there for the Pro Race!

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