Monday, May 9, 2011

TDK Reflections........

9 May 2011-

Well it has been 2 weeks since the TDK ended and that has given me sometime to reflect on the whole experience. First off I want to say thanks to everyone for their continued support through the 10 days. It was amazing to see all the comments on FB and on here and know that a good group of people were following. It was an amazing experience to say the least, and I feel very fortunate to of been a part of the whole experience.

So with this being my first road racing experience I came in with no expectations. I had a few friends tell me that I was going to do great and surprise myself, so I had a feeling things would be alright. I don't think my coach was to fond of the idea being that road racing is notorious for crashes and with 9 days of racing something was bound to happen. Going into the race I had told myself I wasn't there to win, podium or go all out for just a higher finishing position. I was there to help the team and benefit them in anyway that I could. I just wanted to get 9 solid days of riding in my legs and not have to worry about work or anything else. I feel this was accomplished and luckily I kept it upright for 9 days and was not involved in any crashes.

I think all in all the whole experience was amazing. Although it seems the cycling world is a little more drama field than the triathlon world, well triathlon is drama free, so that is the one thing that was a little irritating. It is funny how whiny and fussy grown men can get over the littlest things, and then being around a testosterone field van and team of cyclist for 9 days doesn't make things much better. But some great friendships were made and lifetime experiences were had that will never be forgotten.

I can't wait until next year, and this just might become the main goal for early 2012 as I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Thanks again for all of the continued support! A big thanks also goes out to my leadership for allowing me the time off work to go and race and represent the AF. Many ask how I get so much time off of work, a former boss once told me "Brad, as long as you come to work and bust your @$$ and make me 'money', I will do everything I can to support you. But you have to remember, the MISSION comes first". With that being said one thing I learned early in life with racing Quartermidgets and seeking sponsorship was what my Dad told me "What is the worst thing they can tell you when you ask for Sponsorship? NO! But if you don't ask you will never know". So with that being said, I ask for a lot of time off from work to compete in some big race around the world. Not to blow my own horn, but I believe I am allowed to do what I do because I show up to work I produce quality work and I am rewarded for it. Some also ask how is it that I get Permissive TDY for this and not charged leave, well luckily the AF is great about promoting its image. With physical fitness being one of the hot items, they don't mind allowing us to do things like the Tour de Korea, IM China, AF Marathon and so on, because it brings a good image to the AF and also promotes a good neighbor program when overseas. So I am fortunate to have such an understanding and supportive group of leaders who have continued to support me throughout the past couple of years.

Since I didn't really post results throughout the TDK here is a recap of each stage-

10 Days, 9 Stages 24 hours of total saddle time, 487 miles of racing and then because I am a goof ball Triathlete 3 hours 46 minutes of running with 27 total miles, but couldn't find a single pool :(

Stage 1- 116th/150 -33:13 off of leader (Gave up wheel and waited for support van. Would of been around 25th, -6:17, that is the group I crested the mountain with and then had to stop on the descent.)
Stage 2- 43rd/147 -0:08 off of leader
Stage 3- 63rd/149 -2:55 off of leader (First main pack, 4 man break got away. Lead out Elmer from 1K to 12th Overall)
Stage 4- 77th/130 -3:59 off of leader (Stopped to pull GC rider back to peloton after he flatted. The gap was too big and we were in 2nd group)
Stage 5- 72nd/130 -3:49 off of leader (Just flat out got dropped)
Stage 6- 45th/124 -9:21 off of leader
Stage 7- DNF (border line hypothermia day) 36 of 111 DNF'd
Stage 8- 44th/132 -3:21 off of leader
Stage 9- 34th/146 -0:24 off of leader

And some pictures that I may have or have not posted throughout the TDK:

On the sea wall setting the pace for the peloton......
Amazing scenery.........
Cherry Blossoms in full bloom...
The day we finished in Gunsan (where Kunsan AB is)
The Team......My mentor who is 30 years older and kicked my butt!
You know you have been in Korea to long when you eat cookies with chop sticks!

And all good things have to come to an end. This couldn't of been possible without the efforts put forth by our team manager Jeremy Moon. The guy put up with a lot of shit, and I joked around a lot with him, so when I was being serious I had to state up front that I was being serious, because I guess my sarcasm gets lost in translation. Looking forward to next year buddy!

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La Madre said...

hey found you via the messageboards. i am contemplating not backing out of the race. maybe i'll see ya at ironman china! keep up the good work.