Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First TTT=WIN.....But What is This Weekend Really About??

31 May 2011- Hwaseong TTT-

This past Saturday the team I rode for during the TDK reassembled to take part in a Team Time Trial(TTT). We added a few other people to form a strong 7 man team that we felt had a good shot at being the top team. The event allowed all Time Trial gear, so I of course used my P3, Rudy Wingspan Helmet and a borrowed Skin Suit. My buddy Zach Garrett rides for the U.S. Military Cycling team so I got a cool Stars and Stripes skin suit to show off. Peter (AKA Honey Badger) likes our as he calls them, "Captain AmeRICA" suits and laughs at us when we put them on, this weekend though since 2 of us had them on he felt left out and admitted that he wanted one of his own. This weekend meant a lot more to me than just going out to win a race.

I took the opportunity to sport the red, white and blue and take it to the top spot on the podium. I took great pride leading our team to a victory and making sure we pushed the pace. We started with 7 riders but only had to finish with 4. By the second lap we were down to 5 riders, we made some adjustments on the fly due to the wind. By the 2nd lap our team manager Jeremy was holding a sign that said "47" BACK", I was thinking crap we are down 47" already. Then it grew as each lap went on, I was a little baffled as I thought we were putting down a solid effort. On lap 6 Honey Badger heard on the radio that we were "UP 2 minutes", so there was some confusion, but we ended up winning by almost 2 minutes and showed some of the teams from the TDK that our finish of 2nd at the TDK was no fluke.

As for the rest of the weekend I got in some solid training and had a pretty relaxing weekend. Sunday I got out for a 5 hour ride, and ended up being solo. It was a good opportunity to reflect on things and appreciate everything I have been blessed with. As I was riding I was able to think about Memorial Day and what it really means. Being on Facebook quite regularly I was able to see quite a few peoples post about their weekend plans and what they were going to be doing. It ranged from: weekend get-aways, BBQ's, lake trips, drinking, partying, family get togethers. Then throughout these posts there were the occasional "Thanks to the Troops", "Thanks for those that served", and so on.

The one thing that I ask is that if you enjoyed this weekend and had a great 3 day break but for some reason it went by too fast and you were wishing you had one more day off, remember why you had the extra day off in the first place: MEMORIAL DAY. I am sure many of you know why we had the day off and actually appreciate those that have served and that are serving. Freedom isn't free and it is something that I took for granted growing up, but take a minute to remember why you had that day off and don't take the freedoms we have for granted. There are many people down range, away from their families, in a hospital or dead because they paid the ultimate sacrifice so that we could enjoy our 3 day weekend. Thanks to all of those that continue to support our troops, we really do appreciate it!

Alright now that I am off my soap box, here are some pictures from the weekend along with some power data for you cycling nerds!

1st Place out of 20! 54:16, strong cross wind, won by almost 2 minutes!

Duration: 54:16
Work: 853 kJ
TSS: 75 (intensity factor 0.91)
Norm Power: 282
VI: 1.08
Min Max Avg
Power: 0 2938 262 watts
Cadence: 29 197 94 rpm
Crank Torque: 0 1807 235 lb-in

Click Power Chart to englarge...

Peak 5s (1301 watts):
Duration: 0:05
Work: 6 kJ
VI: n/a
Min Max Avg
Power: 353 2666 1301 watts
Cadence: 46 151 82 rpm
Crank Torque: 648 1807 1127 lb-in

Peak 10s (803 watts):
Duration: 0:10
Work: 8 kJ
Min Max Avg
Power: 71 2666 803 watts
Cadence: 46 151 69 rpm
Crank Torque: 115 1807 786 lb-in

Peak 20s (624 watts):
Duration: 0:20
Work: 12 kJ
Min Max Avg
Power: 71 2666 624 watts
Cadence: 46 151 76 rpm
Crank Torque: 115 1807 618 lb-in

Peak 30s (542 watts):
Duration: 0:30
Work: 16 kJ
Min Max Avg
Power: 71 2666 542 watts
Cadence: 46 151 82 rpm
Crank Torque: 115 1807 526 lb-in

Peak 1min (413 watts):
Duration: 1:00
Work: 24 kJ
Min Max Avg
Power: 7 2666 413 watts
Cadence: 46 151 83 rpm
Crank Torque: 8 1807 405 lb-in

Peak 2min (344 watts):
Duration: 2:00
Work: 41 kJ
Min Max Avg
Power: 0 744 344 watts
Cadence: 75 105 89 rpm
Crank Torque: 0 683 324 lb-in

Peak 5min (291 watts):
Duration: 5:00
Work: 87 kJ
TSS: 7.8 (intensity factor 0.965)
Norm Power: 299
Min Max Avg
Power: 0 792 291 watts
Cadence: 82 110 96 rpm
Crank Torque: 0 705 260 lb-in

Peak 10min (281 watts):
Duration: 10:00
Work: 168 kJ
TSS: 14.9 (intensity factor 0.945)
Norm Power: 293
Min Max Avg
Power: 64 832 281 watts
Cadence: 82 110 94 rpm
Crank Torque: 53 740 254 lb-in

Peak 20min (269 watts):
Duration: 20:00
Work: 322 kJ
TSS: 28.5 (intensity factor 0.924)
Norm Power: 287
Min Max Avg
Power: 0 2666 269 watts
Cadence: 46 151 96 rpm
Crank Torque: 0 1807 238 lb-in

Peak 30min (264 watts):
Duration: 30:00
Work: 474 kJ
TSS: 41.3 (intensity factor 0.909)
Norm Power: 282
Min Max Avg
Power: 8 2938 264 watts
Cadence: 56 197 93 rpm
Crank Torque: 9 1259 239 lb-in

The 2 Teams, one of 7 and one of 4. 5 Americans, 3 Koreans, 1 South African, 1 Irish, 1 Belgium. Quite a diverse group of guys!

Leading the group in the Awesome Red White and Blue, Stars and Stripes!!

The 5 finishers on our 1st place team!
On the podium, holding the bike that I will hopefully be on next year ;)


David Temple said...

Good Job Brad. In the short time you have been in Korea, all your hard work has paid off. Keep up the drive to fulfill your dreams and you will reach them.

Dad and Brenda said...

imisomaGreat blog, great pics, and a great race. We love reading your updates.