Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hat Trick.....3 in a Row at the Hump!

Sept 18 2010- Camp Humphreys, South Korea-

When I previously said I was hitting the ground running, I meant it. Third weekend in a row of racing and what a thrill it has been. I had been in Turkey way to long with not enough racing going on. I thrive on this stuff and just enjoy competing, although things have changed over the last year. Believe it or not I am starting to get a little smarter about these races and I do not go out and "race" every single on of them. They are goal oriented now looking into the future at what my "A" race is.

I like racing these small sprint tri's and especially at Humphreys. They are well ran and they even have a timing system, which makes things nice. This time things were a bit different and we were in a 50m pool and the course was completely closed off to traffic. There was a good showing of 35 people and a lot of fan support. I had previously won here two times last time I was in Korea and was hoping to win again. You never know who is going to show up though, so it is always interesting.

Swim- I have been really bad lately and have not put time in at the pool. With Chuncehon right around the corner I have been completely focused on running and a ride every other week or so. I actually swam quite well and was 2nd out of the water, but with a speedy transition was first out onto the bike course. I swam right around 6 minutes, which wasn't too bad for me for 400m's.

Bike- It had some rolling hills and was a 2 loop course which wasn't that bad. I had a police escort the whole time which was nice, but not sure why they were out there since the course was completely closed off to traffic. Felt decent on the bike and was really wanting to run a good 5K, so I conserved a little energy on the bike.

Run- It was on the same portion of the bike course that had the rolling hills, which I wasn't too happy about. I like a nice flat run course, but you can't always get what you want. I had a good lead coming off the bike so just concentrated on running a solid 5k. Didn't try pushing to hard and felt good coming into the finish.

400M Swim- 5:xx-6:xx (either high 5's or low 6's)
20K Bike- 32:49/23.2mph avg
5K Run- 19:16/6:18min/mil
Overall-58:22/1st Place overall

Below is a link to a story that was posted in the Morning Calm, a weekly paper done by the Army: (PG 21) If this link doesn't work it is the Oct 1st edition of the paper.

Here are some pictures from the race:

The Ride
Headed out onto the bike course
Out onto the run...

The Osan Crew! Jeremy, Dave, Me

Myself and the "Post" Commander. Wonder how he felt about an AF guy coming down and whippin up on his Army boys ;)

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