Sunday, October 3, 2010

First Wrong Turn :(

2 Oct 2010- Energizer-Adiddas 10K-

Well I was looking forward to PR'ing my 10K, and then I got to the race. Someone had mentioned that the course was hilly, so I thought well I can still PR just as big as I want. Then I did my warm up and the start of the course was uphill, but not too bad just a gradual incline. O and to make everything better it was raining and the race was at night, which was cool and thought it would be fun.

I felt good and the legs wanted to run. The fireworks went off and I took off. Was up in 3rd for the first 1.5miles then settled into 4th. Around mile 3 I got passed for 4th and was in 5th. I would play the passing game with this guy up and down the hills. Well it was just a bunch of uphills and a few downhills, more up than down the first 5K of the race. I was feeling good, just irritated at how much grade there was and how it just kept going up. We caught glimpses of the 3rd place guy every so often and I thought I could possibly bring him back in sense the last 2K was all down hill. I know I finish strong and my kick has gotten stronger over the past two months so I figured if I could get him within 100M I could make things interesting.

Then for the first time I made a wrong turn, well "WE" made a wrong turn. Myself and the guy in 4th both went off course and ran onto another course. There was 2 5K courses and 1 10K course all going on at once. When I had looked at the map I remembered seeing we finished up with one of the 5K courses. So I figured that was the turn and we kept going. This was around mile 5. I knew things were bad when I saw a sign that said 2K, meaning that was 2k into the 5k race. Well that couldn't be right since I was at 5.5 miles by that point. That is when I decided well it is over and just continued on that course and made it my cool down.

The worst thing about this is I keep getting so close to the money and this time I cost myself the chance at the money. They paid out top 3, so I could of had a chance at 100,000Won, which is about $90USD.

Considering all the conditions of rain, darkness, and running through a zoo it was still a good experience. Everything happens for a reason, still not sure what that reason was but what is in the past is in the past. Here is the map and elevation chart from the race:

Half way between the 1 and the 5 where it takes a sharp right is where we made the wrong turn :(

First 2 miles were all uphill......This is just the first half, it was out and back so go from right to left and then left to right and thats the complete course.

Quoted from FB: "Brad was running too fast to take a pic....."

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