Friday, April 17, 2009

Day 2 in China

17Apr09-Haikou China-

Well it was another great day in China. The weather was not bad at all, stayed cloudy pretty much all day and that kept the heat down. It was not as humid as it was yesterday so that made it nice as well. I woke up at 0700 and slowly got going. Went to the breakfast buffet and had a good meal. Went out around 0900 for a morning 5 mile run and felt good. I took it easy and ran at my race pace and really felt good with it. I then decided to lounge around and relax for a couple hours. They had a meet the pro session at 2 and they had several pros show up and it was a neat experience to hear about there stories and experiences. After that I went out and biked for 15 miles. Had some mechanical problems but took the bike over to the mechanics here from Team Bike Boutique and they fixed it up within 10 minutes. Had to replace the rear derailleur cable and adjust the rear derailleur and they took care of it for no cost. I was really surprised that I was not charged a dime for their time and replacement parts. Below are some pictures from the meet the pro Q&A as well as a satellite image from my bike ride today. A lot of people have asked exactly where I am so I have also attached a map. If you look on the map you will see a #5 and that is where the race is being held, on the island of Hainan in the city of Haikou. I have also attached some photos from the welcoming dinner that was held tonight.

Welcome dinner

Hotel with all of the people getting ready to eat.

Q&A session with the Pro's

The map of the Bike ride today

The map of China

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Iron man ...thats great!! You seem dedicated.