Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 1 in China

16Apr09-Day 1 in China-
Flight went well and was into Haikou at 1130pm on the 15th. Arrived to the hotel at 1230 and was unpacked and had the bike together by 230am and was dead asleep at 245am. Was up bright and early at 0700 and was out the door to catch the bus at 0800 for a morning swim. The swim is in a river and the currents are pretty bad. Nice when it is moving with you but coming back for the final stretch it is working really hard against you. So when I was just finishing up my swim this nasty T-Storm decided to move in and poured down some rain. Check out the picture below of what almost looks like a tornado was forming but the locals said it was just the storm. Other than the swim I have just been relaxing and enjoying the free time not having to worry about work or anything else. I have put up some pictures from around the hotel and the city.......Check back tomorrow to find out how my morning bike ride and afternoon run go.......

The resort all lit up at night
The beach out back of the hotel

The pool at the hotel

Front of the hotel

The crazy storm that moved in on us.

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