Sunday, October 26, 2008

Spontaneous Marathon COMPLETED!!

26 Oct, Chuncheon Marathon South Korea--

Well for such a last minute idea to run a marathon the weekend turned out to be great. First off the pre race meal was awesome. Seafood Spaghetti at an Italian restaurant in South Korea it turned out to be awesome. Followed by that we had some German sausage and a German Beer (good carb loading ;) ). Then to wake up to beautiful weather made the race morning that much better; 65 w/ a slight wind and clear skies. The race started in a Stadium that was jam packed with runners; not sure on the exact number but my estimate is somewhere around 10,000. The race course ran along a beautiful lake and along the countryside. It was fairly flat with a hill off of the start and a few minor hills throughout the course. I have put the race course below. This was by far one of the toughest challenges to date; well it was quite easy till mile 21 when you hit this wall that stays there until the end. The first 21 miles flew by like nothing then the last 5.2 were the longest 5.2 miles of my life. So for my first marathon the race was amazing, coming into the stadium I will have to admit I almost broke down and started crying then somehow I pulled it together and just finished the race. Thank you to everyone that has been following the blog and wishing me luck throughout this past crazy 7 weeks. I will add some more pictures from the race once I get them.

Race Results:
13.1 Split- 1:40.13
Finish Time- 3:25.00
Finishing Place- 12/290 in Age Group 20-30

Upcoming Events-
2Nov- Incheon Int Triathlon
9Nov- Half Marathon in Seoul
14Nov- Tobacco Awareness 5K
22-Nov- Osan Duathlon
19Apr09- IronMan China 70.3

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Domestic Violence 5K

Oct 24, Osan AB ROK--

Well it was a nice cool morning and a great day for a run. Around 250 people showed up to run the 5K and I was not feeling it this morning after my long run last night. Probably not the wisest choice I have ever made to run 18.3 miles and then 11 hours later wake up and run a 5K, but as the saying goes I guess im young and dumb. The intent behind the 18.3 mile run was to make sure I was somewhat ready for the marathon this Sunday and I believe I should do alright considering the minimal training I have done for it. So after about the first mile I actually felt pretty good and myself and another guy were out front just cruising along. It stayed that way all the way till about 1/2 mile left. Another guy came up and decided to speed it up a little bit so I hung with him and then with about 1/4 mile left another guy came up and just started kicking hard. So myself being like I already said "young and dumb" kicked hard as well and pushed hard till the line well according to the guy that took 2nd "I was going easy thats why I beat him". So we will leave it at that I guess running 18.3 miles and then getting up to run a 19:06 5K was going easy......................

5K- 19:06
1st/250ish runners

Upcoming Races:
Chuncheon Marathon Sunday Oct 26th
Nov 2nd Incheon Int Tri
Nov 9th Half Marathon in Seoul
Nov 22nd Osan Duathlon

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Spontaneous 1/2 Marathon.......

Pyeongtaek Port Half Marathon---13.1 Miles/21K

Well I got a little crazy this weekend and a last minute race came up on Tuesday. The original plan was to run a 5K due to someone dropping out; then I thought why bus 45 mins 1 way to run for 18 minutes? So I found another person that had dropped out of the 1/2 and got there race number and decided to run a half marathon today. So that is what happened and a very pleasant and beautiful 1/2 marathon it turned into. I ran with a buddy for 16K of it at a very nice pace right around a 1h40m finish time (the koreans have these guys that run with ballons that pace you just so you know where your at). Well at 16K he told me to go ahead and go so I went with 5K left i pushed hard and came in at 1 hour 36 minutes 45 seconds. So overall a good first half marathon.

Alright so if you thought that spontaneous half marathon was crazy well hold on for this one...............I got conned into doing a full marathon next weekend. Yeah and today was the farthest I have ever ran before today it was a whopping 10K. So next weeekend will be the real test of how much my body can handle with out training for the actual race. I mean training for a Triathlon is one thing but the run is only 1/3 of the race; having to run 26.2 miles is a totally different thing. So stay tuned for the blog about the Marathon.

Upcoming Races:
24Oct- Domestic Violence 5K Osan AB
26Oct- Chucheon Full Marathon South Korea
2Nov- Incehon International Triathlon South Korea (Olympic Distance)
19Apr09- IronMan China 70.3

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Breast Cancer Awareness 5K

Osan AB RoK-17Oct08

Well it was a foggy morning and only about 50 runners. Finally got to run hard in the new Aasics and they are a great running shoe. The last 5K i ran on base I went 19:15 and was looking to improve on that today. Went out strong and didn't look back; lead the whole way and came into the clock at 18:42. Can't wait to start training for China 70.3 and see what happens when the training gets intense.

Results for Today-
1st out of 50 Runners
Time: 18:42

Monday, October 13, 2008

Camp Humphreys Sprint Tri

13 Oct 2008- 400M Swim, 20K Bike, 5K Run
Well lets just say this day started out way to crazy......I managed to set the alarm to PM instead of AM so instead of a 0600 wake up i ened up waking up at 625 and had to be at the bus at 640, which ended up not being there. So we had to take a cab to the Army base which cost about $20. Well i had the bright idea to use my GPS so that we could ride back after the race. Sounded good until I left it in the cab and off he went with my GPS still sitting in the cab. So there was the worst part of the day. So from not having a bus to ride to having to take a cab then losing the GPS I figured the day couldnt get much worse. Well it was all uphill from there. This is now the Triathlon number 3 in 4 weeks so I didnt know how it was going to go but luckily there was only 25 people there and the guy that normally beats me wasn't there. So I stood a chance at actually taking a overall 1st place finish. Since I didnt have my GPS I dont know my exact splits but someone timed my swim and it was decent, right around 6:45. I did extremely well on the bike as usual and came in to T2 (2nd Transition, which is from the bike to run) at 43 Minutes. I didnt know how many people were in front of me but as I was getting off the bike a runner was just leaving. So I knew I had some catching up to do. I probably ran the best I have run and at 1.5 miles I saw the police escort about 1/2 mile ahead. I had already passed the guy that was ahead of me in Transition and noticed the person in the lead was from the Team category. So I realized I had the lead for individuals but wasn't satisfied with that. I pushed hard and wanted to chase down the team runner. So with about 1/3 of a mile to go I passed the team runner and never looked back from there. The guy in 2nd came in about 1:30 behind me so I felt really strong with my run. I finished the race at 1:02:26 and took 1st place overall. Below is a pic from the awards ceremony thanks to Jeff Swindle.

Results 2008

Here are my Results for the 2008 Season.........Check back to this post as this is updated throughout the season......

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