Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Look Back at 2015: Part 1, Through the Lens

26 January-

I wanted to take some time and reflect back on my first year racing in the professional field.  I plan to make this a 3 part series, with this being Part 1, "Through the Lens".  Part 2 will take an inside look at the training numbers throughout the year and finally Part 3 will dive into the financials of racing around the world, and the harsh reality of being a "professional" triathlete.  Part 3 is now up "Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Financials of a Pro Triathlete".

So here we go...................
 Started off the season with a top 10 at Galveston 70.3  
photo credit :Zo Mendoza( shooting without limits )
 One of my favorite parts of the year, coaching at the Team RWB Tri Camp!  This is a few of our 40 athletes, we were "Delta Team".
At the Fearless Fundo supporting Team Marsh.
 Inspiring the future of our sport at 70.3 Staffordshire by giving this little guy my medal.  His brother had his Dads and he was a bit upset by it, so I gave him mine.
 A great race venue at 70.3 Staffordshire

 Hila finally was able to come to a race, which just so happened to be a great race at IMUK, always great to have her on course supporting me.  Rough day as a spectator as there was a lot of rain and cold conditions.
 Up and out of the saddle one one of the many punchy climbs at IMUK

Although I didn't win, in Korea EVERYONE is a winner, so they have everyone hoist the banner up.......

IM Malaysia, although a miserable day for me, at least some amazing photos courtesy of Asia Tri
 Finishing off the year with some much needed R&R in Argentina.  This was taken at Iguazu Falls.


Dad and Brenda said...

Nice photos and recap. Great job in 2015

Calendula said...

That little guy must be proud to have your medal.