Thursday, June 19, 2014

2nd 70.3 in 13 Days: Galveston TX

6 April 2014-

After just racing the Tyler Half the weekend before I was a little worried about how the body would respond.  During the week I put in some shorter intervals but the body was recovering pretty quick.  I think backing off from the run the previous week was a good thing and helped the recovery process.  Hila came into town on Wednesday night and then her mother made the trip as well and came in on Friday.  Once we got her on Friday we headed south to Galveston.

Saturday I woke up and got the normal easy ride and run in.  Ended up meeting up with Clay Emge (the 25-29 Kona AG Champ from last year, who is racing pro this year) for a short ride and run.  After that it was time for lunch, registration and bike check in.  That evening we met up with Chris Avery, his fiance Melissa and her family.  Chris's coach Mark Saroni was there as well as one of his friends that was racing.  It was a great dinner and always good to catch up with Chris.

Racing morning came quickly, and same as every other race morning.  It is always nice to have the wifey with me at the races, even though it adds a little stress when we are both racing.  I was feeling pretty good, but was not thrilled to wake up to rain and wind.

Swim- 1.2 Miles (33:30)

The swim was really choppy and we started in one of the last waves, 1.5 hours after the pros.  I didn't realize how horrible of a swim I had until after the race.  I just thought the swim was slow due to the conditions, but that was not the case.  I struggled finding clean water, but I still thought I had a decent swim.  Anyways, out of the water and onto the bike was the same ol same ol, not eventful.

Bike- 56 Miles (2:07:15)

Pretty much just a flat out and back race, other than the first few turns to get out of transition area.  We ended up having a cross wind the whole race.  The wind shifted earlier in the morning from a tail wind to head wind then to a complete cross wind.  My power meter stopped working around mile 20 and I just rode off of feel.  I felt pretty relaxed and like I was riding fairly easy.  I got a little worried when I passed a guy in my age group around mile 40.  Wasn't sure if there was anyone else up the road or not.  I hadn't studied the course that much and as I approached what I thought was the end of the bike we took another way back to transition area.  I had already took my feet out of my shoes in prep for transition and ended up riding for about 4-5 minutes with them out.  For those familiar with the course it was back through the airport area.  I came into T2 with a lot of empty space in our bike rack area which had me thinking that I had the lead.

Run- 13.1 Miles (1:20:56)

I knew there were some fast runners on the start list that would be coming from behind.  One of them, Jonathan LeJuene had ran a fast marathon at IMFL and ran his way through the field to 3rd.  I was keeping an eye out for him, thinking he could possibly run me down.  Luckily it was a 3 lap course with a few out and back sections.  Right around mile 2 was where I crossed back by the T2 exit and sure enough Jonathan was running out.  I felt comfortable with that gap but knew I still needed to have a solid run.

I saw Jonathan a few other times throughout the course and he was slowly chipping away at my lead.  I kept pushing along and ended up finishing just a few minutes ahead of him.  I was really happy with my run split as it was a legitimate 13.1 miles and I had a half IM PB for the run, and the overall distance.  Jonathan ended up running a 1:14, and only finishing 2 minutes back and 2nd in our AG, so it was a really good race.

Overall I was really happy with how the day went considering that I had just raced the previous weekend.  The race did not have over $20K in prize money so it was not a "Elite Qualifying Race" based on Criteria F of the USAT qualification standards, meaning you need to take top 3 overall amateur.

Swim (1.2 miles)-33:30
For the power gurus, Training Peaks file:
Run (13.1 miles)- 1:20:56

Big thanks to Ima (Hila's mother) for coming in for the race.  And a great job to my wife for having a good race after some ups and downs with her training this year.  Thanks to everyone for all of the continued support and for the sponsors and supporters that have stuck behind me.

 Pre Race Ride w/ the wifey
 Pre Race Ride.  Fit courtesy of David Wenger from Durata Training
 O that was brutal
 Enjoying the run!
Podium Picture.....

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