Sunday, March 31, 2013

'12 vs '13 Quarter 1 Training (Cycling vs. Tri Focus)

31 March-

I like to look back at my training data and compare how things are going to the past year.  Last year was a unique year, I took a 5 month break from being Coached by Scott DeFilippis and had Zach Garrett coach me with a focus on cycling.  He still had me running and swimming 1-2x a week, but the focus was the bike.

Below is a breakdown in pictures of how things compare: (Click the picture to Enlarge)


 2012 Total Training Hours
2013 Total Training Hours
 2012 Fitness Summary
 2013 Fitness Summary
 2012 Swim
2013 Swim

 2012 Bike
 2013 Bike
 2012 Run
2013 Run
2012 PMC (Swim, Bike, and Run)

 2013 PMC (Swim, Bike, and Run) 
2012 PMC (Bike ONLY)
 2013 PMC (Bike ONLY)

 2012 PMC (Bike and Run)
 2013 PMC (Bike and Run)

 2012 TSS (Swim, Bike, and Run)
 2013 TSS (Swim, Bike, and Run)
 2012 TSS (Bike ONLY)
2013 TSS (Bike ONLY)

Looking at all of the charts above basically confirms what I already knew.  I have been training more consistently across the board this year.  I would say being back in the US and being stationed in Texas, which has a mild winter compared to S.Korea is really helping the training.  Not to mention I have a solid training partner in ITU Pro Barrett Brandon who lives here in Ft Worth.  We try and train together 1-3 times a week depending on if our schedules line up.  Luckily for me he has been kind enough to let me chase him around on some solid run workouts and then we both dish it out on the bike.  Our swim times don't match up which really sucks because him and his wife are both amazing swimmers, so hopefully in the near future things will change and I can start swimming with them as well.

The run mileage is up quite a bit compared to last year, 20 mile a week average increase.  I peaked so far with a 55 mile week of running and the legs didn't fell that bad at the end of it.  I am seeing run times that I have never seen before and am feeling great.  I am also maintaining power on the bike and although my "snap" and short power bursts are not there like last year when I was focusing on cycling I am starting to feel that I can sustain power longer.  And well the swim is the swim, I am trying to swim more but it hasn't quite happened yet.  I have been working on my technique and it has improved a little bit, now it is just time to get a lot of work done in the pool and hopefully come June the hard work will start to show.

In late December and early January I was sick off and on and it was quite frustrating.  Eventually I got over all the sickness and started to put in some solid training.  I showed up to cycling camp in Tampa and that is where I put in a huge week, actually the biggest week of training to date.  It took about 2-3 weeks after camp to realize it, but that week is what really launched this early season fitness into high gear.

Overall I am really pleased with how things are going and looking forward to race season kicking off next weekend.  I will be headed down to Miami Florida to race in the Elite Amateur Wave at Nautica South Beach.  Looking to start the season off strong, so we will see where all of this early season work lands me.

Thanks to all of my sponsors/supporters for the continued support.  I am still in a little bit of shock by the amount of companies and individuals that have decided to partner with me this year.  I was not expecting it and am truly grateful for all of their support.  And then as always I couldn't do this without the amazing support of my family and friends.  Special shout out to Training Peaks for making this super easy to accomplish by pulling all of this data and being able to analyze it.

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