Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 by the #'s and Pics

31 Dec 12

So to keep this short and simple I am going to do it by pictures and graphs and numbers.  Hopefully some of you enjoy analyzing it all.

 Craziest Swim of the Year was SuperFrog

 Shocking Moment of the Year was finishing 8th at Armed Forces after coming out of the water 30th

 Biggest let down of the Year was Kona

 Biggest Sacrifice was not being able to race the whole TdK due to work, and riding domestique.  Sacrificing to ride for someone else was also the biggest reward of the year, WE as a TEAM accomplished our #1 GOAL!

  Closest Finish of the Year, probably the depth of my wheel is how close the sprint was.

Yearly Totals
Swim- 286,962 meters/103h30m- AVG 7,358 meters/wk (+26,000 meters from 2011)
Bike- 8,981 miles/479h5m-AVG 184.2 miles/wk (+1,288.5 miles from last year)
Run- 1,022.5 miles/134h4m-AVG 21.23 miles/wk (-225 miles from last year)
Total- 10,181.8 miles/716h39m- AVG 13h36mins a Week (+61 hours from last year)
Raced- 1 Sprint Tri, 2 Olympic Tris, 3 70.3's, 1 Full IM, and 34 Bike Races (went from CAT4 to CAT2) total = 41 races
12 Overall Wins, 3 Age Group Wins, and 18 Top 5's

62 Off Days/ Longest Streak 59 days straight /2 Countries Visited/Crossed the Pacific 6 times via plane

 Pie Chart Breakdown by % and Time

Swim Breakdown by Week
 Bike Breakdown by Week

Run Breakdown by Week

 Total Hour Breakdown by Week
Workout History Snapshot from Trainingpeaks
2012 Performance Management Chart from Trainingpeaks

 Biggest Win, 4th of July Crit in Davis, close 2nd would be SuperFrog
Best Photo, courtesy of Alex Chiu
Best Memory, TTT in Korea with my good friend Aaron Mundy and Team Watts!
Race with a majority of my family, Lodi Crit.  I am so thankful for all of my family and friends that continue to support me and 2012 was no different, so THANK YOU!

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