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Hoengseong Half IM- 1st Long Course OA WIN!

26 Aug-

It had been 4 weeks since my last race and I was ready to race again.  The last race was the Cascade Cycling Classic in Bend, Oregon.  I was a little worn out by that point as I had been racing for quite a few weeks in a row and I had been back in the states for 4 weeks by that time.  It was also my first race as a CAT2, and needless to say I got a taste of what racing with the fast guys was all about.  I came back to Korea and got right back after it.  I started my training focus for Kona and picked back up with my tri coach Scott.  We had 10 weeks to work with and came up with a solid idea of where things needed to be fine tuned and we got right to work.

I had been lacking the run mileage with the heavy cycling focus over the last month so we were a little worried about that.  Over the 4 weeks leading into this race though the miles started adding up and the legs came around quite quickly.  I was feeling good with the 4 week block and was excited to see where I was at in terms of Long Course shape.

The race was a first year race, so it was quite a small race.  They had 111 people finish and I would estimate about 150 on the start line.  One of my teammates from my Korean cycling team is also a triathlete and didn't show up as he was aiming for a full IM in a few weeks, I was bummed as it would of been a great race between the two of us.

Swim- 1.9K- 30:29

My swim has been coming around so I was looking forward to see how I would perform in the race.  I had a good starting position and went out hard for the first 200m.  I opened up a nice gap and just continued to build on it throughout the swim.  It was a 2 lap swim, but you didn't exit the water and just swam around the buoy.  Luckily I didn't have to deal with lapping anyone, but I stayed out front the whole swim.  I came out of the water with about a minute lead, yes very rare for me to be leading out of the water.  Second time this year that has happened out here in Korea ;)

Bike- 91K- 2:40:36

I had seen the bike course profile and wasn't really worried about it.  I knew it was going to be hilly and was thankful for that.  With the bike being one of the stronger points of my race it is nice to have a tough course which helps keep the others from drafting, which is common out here in Korea.  What I didn't know is how brutal the bike course would be.  I brought an 11-28 for the rear and was still struggling for the last 1K of a 5K climb, it ended up being a CAT2 climb according to Strava.  Later on I had heard that there were a lot of people walking up that section.  The plan going into the race was to hammer the bike and just see what happened from there.  I felt good on the bike and held on to the lead throughout the whole bike, I actually never saw anyone.  Looking at the results I out rode the 2nd fastest bike split by 17 minutes, so that would explain that.

Run- 21K- 1:35:57

Prior to the race I had talked to my coach and we had a conversation about the race.  He told me to cruise the run, but also said if I was in a position to win I had the green light to go for it.  Well I didn't know how big my lead was getting off the bike so I came off the bike and ran hard.  The problem was it was super hot and humid out, heat index of 97*F.  I came of the bike running well holding 6:30-6:40 pace for the first 3 miles.  Then I decided to back off into "cruise" mode and stopped at all the aid stations and shoved ice down my suit and took in some calories.  It was a 2 loop run course and I turned around at 5.5K and ended up not seeing anyone for another 8 minutes, and it was a relay runner.  At that point I knew I had a huge lead but still wanted to get a solid workout in.  I just ran between each aid station at a comfortable pace and got in a solid workout.

Total Time- 4:49:43

Swim- 30:29-1st
Bike- 2:40:36-1st  Link to Strava:
Run- 1:35:57-1st  Link to Strava:
Total- 4:49:43

Overall I was really happy with how the race played out and I was just happy to walk away with the overall win.  Even though it was a small field it was still nice to have a great race and execute the plan we laid out prior to the race.  It was by far the toughest course I have done for a half, not the toughest race as 70.3 China and 70.3 Germany were really tough days for me, but overall it was a tough day.

Thanks again to everyone for all of the support.  Special Thanks to: Honey Stinger, FRS Healthy Performance, HED Cycling and all of my family and friends!

If you would like information on my nutrition plan for this race please email me at:

A few pictures from the race:
 O how I am going to miss Korea and the friends that I have made!
 Coming in from the bike.
 Out on the run just having fun.
 The bike setup, P5???? Phhhhh Going Old School and taking the fastest bike split with a P3!
 The "Bull" Trophy and an ice chest of BEEF!  Ahhh the things you win in Korea!
The Overall Podium!

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Congrats Brad. Can't wait to see how you do in Kona.