Friday, April 27, 2012

TdK Stage 6 Recap

27 Apr 12-

Well back to back tough days really take a beating on the body.  Although today was a little shorter than yesterday I found myself in a break again.  The only good thing was this break had 11 people in it which meant a little less work but the pace was still fast and the rolling hills were brutal.  In this 11 man break we had myself and 1 guy from our team, 2 guys from the 3rd place team, and 1 guy from the 1st place team.  It was a perfect opportunity for us to take the Team GC, only problem was that is not our goal.  This break started around 20K and grew all the way to a 2 minute gap, and it grew to that very quickly.

Now the problem with this break is that the 1 guy from the 1st place team (BMC Korea), was that he was in 3rd on the Individual GC.  So then we had a problem on our hands, but one would think that BMC would of wanted to pull the break back to protect dropping all the way to 3rd in the Team GC.  Obviously they have their priorities set on the GC as well as they did not do any work to bring the break back.  With 40k to go our team went to the front along with my friend Derek Laan's team, Team Cannondale Korea.  They were working really hard to bring our break back, so now let me fast forward to the last 5k.  We still had our gap I wasn't doing any work other than trying to get over the last few rollers, the guys were drilling it up these things and I was on the rivet.  With 1k to go we still had a small gap, maybe 15secs.  Things started shaking up in our group of 11 and people started firing off.  A guy went at 500m and ended up getting a good gap, at 300m I found myself on the 3rd place wheel and was going to ride that to 100m and then sprint for the last spot on the podium.  Well at 200m I look to the left to some guys who weren't in our break go flying by me, talk about a kick in the junk.  It wasn't that bad though because that meant we didn't lose any time on the yellow, and I managed a top 20 finish.  The crappy part is being in that break that stuck for that long and then not finishing off the job.

All in all the day ended alright, our team just had to do way too much work as a whole.  My legs are getting pretty heavy considering I have been in a break for 3 hours over the 5 hours of racing the past 2 days.  The bad thing about that tomorrow is a huge stage for us and the hardest stage of them all.  It plays into my favor that it is 120k, but going into it with thrashed legs will be tough.  Anyways, below are the results from today and a few photos.  Also, JY (Our GC rider), talks about the race and how he REALLY REALLY likes Honey Stinger Waffles.

Link to ride on Strava:
Stage 6 Placing: 19th out of 153 (Time Gap: 0:02) -Stage 6 Individual Results
Stage 6 Team Placing: 5th (Time Gap: 0:02)- Stage 6 Team Results

As you can the portion that we covered in our break was pretty brutal
 Overall Results, we still have all 4 Jerseys
 Sign in board, pretty neat other than the board is re used every morning so it is getting a little dirty.
 JY still in 1st place with the Yellow Jersey
 JY and the 2 guys that are in 2nd for the Best Young Rider and Sprint Jersey
 Yeah, ummmmmm I want to go Right?


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