Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 Year End Review

2 Jan 2012-

Well 2011 has come to an end, and fortunately I was able to be home for it this year.  I had been planning for quite some time to come home and surprise the family for the holidays.  I hadn't been home for the holidays in 6 years and I figured I would surprise everyone.  I had to tell a few little lies along the way, but in the end my immediate family had no clue.  A few of my cousins were in on the whole thing so thanks to them I was able to pull it off.  Below is the video of all the surprises:

So to say the least 2011 ended on a high note.  A few weeks back I got some exciting news that I was selected as the Osan Air Base Male Athlete of the Year as well as the Pacific Air Force Male Athlete of the Year.  I have not won an athlete of the year award at a Majcom level, so this was something that I was hoping to achieve this year.  I believe the packages are still up at the Air Force level, but have not heard who was selected as the Air Force Athlete of the Year.  A few days after receiving that news I got an email informing me that I was selected to the US Military Cycling Developmental Team.  The Military Team has been around for a few years and is slowly growing, this year being the biggest expansion of the team.  The team is having a camp in the beginning of February in Florida and I will be headed to that to put in a solid 7 days of training and two races.  I am looking forward to this great opportunity and being able to represent the Military during my future cycling endeavour's.

I am focusing on the Tour de Korea which is in April, and have made some changes to my training and coach for this off season.  I am being coached by AF Capt Zach Garrett, a long time cyclist and also a member of the US Military Cycling Team.  Zach is putting a strong influence on my cycling for the next 4 months with a little bit of focus on my swim and run, just trying to maintain.  I will be back with Scott Defilippis come May and we will be back at it with hopefully a focus on Kona.

Looking back on 2011, to sum it up with one word: UNBELIEVABLE.  I sit here and look back on it and still don't comprehend how everything feel into place.  It wasn't because of what I did, it has more to do with who I was surrounded by.  I couldn't of accomplished everything that I accomplished last year without the great group of people that I am surrounded by and supported by.  I trained more than I have ever trained before.  I achieved all of the goals, plus some that I set out to accomplish last year.  I was lead by a great coach and trained with some amazing people.  I had huge support from my supervision at work, and thankfully for their support I was able to travel and race quite a bit this past year.

Below are some random stats from over the year of 2011:
Swim- 260.6 KM's/86h17m- AVG 1h40m a Week
Bike- 7,692.5 miles/409h56m-AVG 7h45m a Week
Run- 1,247.5 miles/158h53m-AVG 23.5 Miles a Week
Total- 9,102 miles/655h7m- AVG 12h20mins a Week
Raced- 2 Running Races/8 Tri's/12 Bike Races Total 22 Races
5 Overall Wins/5 AG Wins/7 Top 5's 
66 Off Days/3 Countries Visited/Crossed the Pacific 6 times via plane/
 Some random thoughts about the above numbers:
If I hadn't raced the TdK, I would of raced a lot less this year than years past.  I biked 3X's as much as last year, and my total training time is almost double from last year.  I only missed the podium for triathlon in my AG at IM Korea and Kona and I finally made the overall podium in a big race.  I actually trained with a goal in mind this year, and stayed focused to accomplish that goal.  All in all I like the above #'s, except this random #, I took OFF 66 days this year.  I have found consistency is huge, and I was a lot more consistent this year, next year I would like to see that 66 # down in the 20ish range.  Someone asked me the other day if I ever "relax", my response was YES, I went out and rode my bike for an hour today.  That is RELAXING to me ;)
All in all I am extremely happy with how 2011 went and I am looking forward to 2012.  I believe it is going to be a breakthrough year for me and things are already starting off on the right foot.  Once again I can't thank everyone enough for all of their support.  All of my family is behind me in my passion for what I do, and everyone else that continues to support me I thank you.  I have been told that I inspire people, but the funny thing is, those are the people that inspire me to keep going and doing what I do.
Here are some photos from the year:


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great time over the holidays! Glad you were able to get across the pond and away from 'work' for a bit.

I'm looking forward to keeping up with you over 2012, and hopefully racing with you at Point Mugu. Cheers to my brother in arms...happy new year.


Brad Williams said...

Thanks Dave! Hopefully see you down in Pt Magu as well. Have a great 2012!