Monday, April 18, 2011

TDK- Stage 3

17 April 2011- TDK Stage 3-

Well another day is down and the blog was delayed due to a little post race drinking, and an early morning wake up. It is hard to really remember yesterday, not because of the 3 beers, but more because this is just becoming one big blur. The only reason I knew yesterday was Sunday was because that some of the guys still had their girlfriends here. If it wasn't for that I wouldn't of known what day it was. It was a long day out in the wind across a long bridge. There was a short climb right after the neutral zone ended and I made it up with the second group. After the long descent we merged back up with the first group. We had a communication breakdown and the 2nd place team got 2 guys up the road before everyone merged up together. We let the 4 guys get up the road thinking we had 1 guy and they had 1 guy. Myself and the 2nd place team kept the peloton in tact and didn't let anyone else get away, but come to find out we should of been pulling the break back in. It was quite disappointing to come to the finish line and find out they got 2 guys up the road and we only had 1. They ended up gaining 3 minutes, which puts them still behind us but only by 3 minutes now. The big advantage we gained with the breakaway though was that Mr. Lee is now within 5 seconds of the Individual G.C. So we sacrificed 3 minutes on the team time but got our lead guy within 5 seconds of the G.C. Overall it was a good day and I was happy to be with the main group that finished. I tried to attack with 1K to go and that went pretty good pulling one of my team mates with me. I got pulled back in with about 500M to go and then my teammate, Elmer, "The Flying Ostrich" finished 7th in that group which put him 12th overall for the stage.

Here are a few pics from Day 2, since I didn't have many from Day 3.

Coming back up from the piss break on day 2.......
Where is Elmer? You mean you can't see him behind the tree?
Rich is having a tough TDK so we tried to get him in a better mood by getting him drunk. 15 beers between 6 cyclist= 6 drunk guys..........Man I am a light weight now!

Sporting our Harley Davidson PINK shirts...........The "Pink Panther" (AKA Pablo) owns the Storck store and all the HD shops in Korea, so they are a partial sponsor of the team. All of us have HD shirts or HD hats. With Rapha having pink as one of their main colors, they got us pink HD shirts............
Results after day 3......

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