Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A TURKEY IN TURKEY....Incirlik AB Sprint Triathlon...

20 Jun 09- Incirlik AB Turkey--

Well this race was definitely going to be the race of unknowns for me. It all started when I got here back in early May. Day 2 of being here well it hadn't even been 24 hours and I was already over at the gym finding out information about the Triathlon that was scheduled for June 20th. I also offered to help them out with anything at all. Well helping them out turned into not really taking any of my advice, which was fine because it was there race so they could run it how they wanted to.

So about a week before the race I start hearing rumors about the course and it was going to be a run/bike/swim. Then other athletes start coming up to me and telling me that I need to go to the gym and pursue them otherwise and give them my insight since in there words "You are the most experienced triathlete on base". Well all of my advice pretty much go flushed down the drain and well I guess that is what I get for having my heading state "Swim Bike Run Whats Next". Well that was answered by "Well whats next huh??? Why dont you RUN/BIKE/SWIM???"

So that is where the unknowns begin. I have never done a race where I had to run first then bike so I had no idea how that was going to work. Unknown #2, I have never had to work the night before a race and then go straight from work to the race. So with these unknowns I asked a fellow triathlete for some advice (THE WONGSTAR). So we came to the conclusion that I go out and just run as fast as I can and then Hammer the bike and then hopefully not drowned or cramp for the 225M swim.

So with the pre race plan set I worked from 11pm-5am (I know 6 hours isn't really work) and then made my way over to the race. Got there and they had a total of 4 bike racks for 40 bikes, luckily I was the 2nd person there so I "had" a decent spot. Then I decided to go out for a 10 min spin with one of the other guys and when we came back someone was in our spots so we organized some things and got everything worked out. Well with about 15 mins to race start a couple shows up with the husband trying to find a spot for his wifes MTB bike (AWWWW What a nice guy) NOT!!!! So when you decide to shove a POS MTB into a bike race with 5 of the nicest bikes there and almost knock over 2 of them and have my helmet go flying to the pavement mellow Brad gets a little heated. So I tell the guy here let me help you with that and I take his wifes bike over to the curb and was like here we will park it here. "Well it doesn't have a kickstand"..........."Here I will show you a neat trick I learned in my newbie days from either Super Dave or Mark Mason"

Step 1: Find Curb
Step 2: Reverse pedal stroke till pedal makes contact with curb
Step 3: Make sure bike does not slip on leaves/sand in gutter
Step 4: Have the guy that did not apologize for knocking off your $$$$ helmet or even pick it up stare at you like you are the Jack A$$ that just pissed in his morning Wheaties

Ok so enough about venting about people and not being aware of Transition etiquette....

Run 5K (18:08/5:54mile/min)- As you can see in the pictures below I had some guys that were runners and the 3 of us stayed within 25 seconds of each other. It was great to have some people to run with and keep the pace up. Really wanted to break 18mins but forgot about the extra motivation so I got into T1 about 5-10secs ahead of the other guy.

T1-(13secs) Totally forgot to take off my glasses and put the aero helmet on right over them and could not figure out what was going on till about mile 1 of the bike.

Bike 12.8 Miles-(29:44/25.8mph/avg)- This was by far the shocking part of the race for me as just back in March at Camp Humphreys I only held 23.2mph. So I felt really strong on the bike and was amazed after running so hard how my legs held up.

T2- (UNK) Not sure how long it was but it was about 200M run from bike rack to pool but I ran as fast as I could. They hosed me off which felt really good and then I proceeded to run and dive into the pool. Well that was not the greatest idea as I had on my Zoot tri shorts which I absolutely love minus the fact they have no string, so not a good choice for a pool swim.

Swim 225M- (3:15-3:30 not quite sure as I had not watch) - Goggles come off on one side shorts come down about 1ft so my first 3 strokes probably looked really funny but once the shorts were fixed off I went. After the first 25m I fixed the googles and got after it. Felt pretty good in the water and finished with a strong 25m all out effort.

Overall Time- 52:17
1st Place Overall/1st Place Under 30

Here is a link to a write up in the online base paper:

(one correction to the article is that November is Clearwater for the 70.3 World Championships not an "IRONMAN", everything is the same to the publisher I guess)

All and all it was a great day and I had a great time. Made a lot of new friends and now have some people that have caught the "tri bug" and are itching to start training. I look forward to the oppurtunity to help out the new triathletes on base and hopefully get some people hooked on this great sport like I got hooked on it just a little over a year ago.

So you might be thinking what in the world is "A Turkey in Turkey"......Well someone though it was a funny nickname for me but it actually has some meaning. So a Turkey is known in bowling for bowling 3 strikes in a row. Well this happened to be my 3rd overall win, not in a row but it was my 3rd overall win in a row on a military installation. So that is where the title came from.

Below are some pictures from the race..........

Seth and myself starting sprinting off for the run

At 1/4 Mile into the run

Either at 1/4 mile or mile 8 on the bike

Coming into T2

Getting hosed off before the swim

The good ol swim

Myself and Tim talking post race. He is TDY here at Incirlik so I loaned him my Trek and he kicked som butt in the "Old Guy" Category. He is considering coming out to Wildflower in 2010 and joining in on the Beer Belly Bike Club Reunion.

Getting some Air Force Schwag

The "Old(Over 30) and the Young" Winners


Dad and Brenda said...

awesome finish Brad and great pictures too. We sure enjoy the updates. Sending love from "HOME"!!

Jocelyn Wong Neill said...

That Wongstar girl gives the best advice on race strategy. Happy you didn't cramp up :) well actually I would've had a good laugh if you did, and you would've still won. "A turkey in turkey..." now aren't you a clever one...more than I give you credit for ;) great job champion!

Leslie said...

looks like fun. Glad you won (after you just worked too!!)! Congrats

chito peppler said...

Brad, Nice work. Thanks for the write up.